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Everywhere + Nowhere // interviews + podcasts by nerm chauhan

OK, so I kind of missed the boat on this one due to studying and work. But better late than never right?

In May 2011 РDirector of Kidulthood, Mehnaj Huda released his latest film РEverywhere + Nowhere. Over the course of that month, Nerm Chauhan РMusical Consultant of the film released three podcasts and three interviews with artists involved in contributing to this project.

Fabulous selection of music! … nuff respect nerm!

1) The first interview and podcast is with The Nasha Experience and True Tiger‘s Sukh Knight.

2) The second is with Shiva Soundsystem‘s very own D-Code.

3) And finally the man behind The Engine-Earz ExperimentPrashant Mistry.




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