The World Is Sound

for the producers …

The unretainable nature of the present creates in Man a desire to capture the moment. Our fears of extinction compel us to record- to re-create- the ritual ceremony. From the first hand-print cave painting to the most modern computer art, it is the human condition to seek immortality. Life is fleeting. Art is long.

A record is a “totem,” a document of an unique, unrepeatable event worthy of preservation and able to sustain historic life. The essence of the event is its soul. Record production is a subtle, covert activity. The producer is an invisible man. His role remains a mystery.

During the recording process there is an energy field present in the studio- to manipulate and to maximize that presence- to focus on the peculiar “harmony of the moment” is the job of the producer. Music has a spirit beyond the notes and rhythm. To foster that spirit and to cause it to flourish- to capture it at its peak is the producer’s task.

– Jim Dickinson

One response

  1. sanjaykundalia

    thanks to Prash Mistry (Engine Earz Experiment) for sharing this!

    31/01/2010 at 8:57 PM

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