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nu asian soundz … nu direction

nada:brahman blog was inaugurated by this album. Out on New Year’s Day, aptly titled Nu asian soundZ is the second release (first being: Revolution Rising) by the brains behind, dimmSummer.

This ten track compilation is a testament to dubstep, regarded as one of the most creative genres around. A selection of artists across the globe step up to the mark and produce some deaf defying sounds. Nu asian soundZ – laden with dubstep thick as treacle, seductively dark beats and unforgiving basslines … ahh

DimmSummer kicks off with his very own deep heavy groove ‘Rubstep’, a perfect introduction. Soon followed by one of my favourites, Liquid Stranger’s ‘Hexed & Perplexed’, devastating dub fused with vocals by Deeyah. DK Bollygirl and Vincent Schimel serve up two delicious tracks GOONDA Shytle, ‘Fearless’ (deadly bass, I was two bpm away from an irregular heart beat :)) and ’21CFX’.

New Delhi’s sugary band Jalebee Cartel also rustle up a taste treat with ‘Mirrors (Breed Remix)’. Another fine track is by Canadian producer Anuj Rastogi – ‘Rouge Justice’ features expertly arranged vintage Bollywood dialogues married with the vocals of Falitaa Chhabra – adding a fine element of dishoom dishoom! Other South Asian enthused producers include David Starfire, Radiohiro, and Deaf Bass Twins (beauty of a track) who make their mark, not forgetting our very own Nuphlo with Homeland Insecurity.

Each of the artists – talented in their own right, brought a unique twist to each dubstep track … No wonder it did so well on the Beatport charts!

Hats off to dimmsummer and High Chai records for bring AVZ (noiz) to our ears and paving a new direction for ethno influenced sounds to uncharted territory.

Jalebee Cartel – Mirrors (Breed-remix)

Deaf bass twins- Mixed Feelings featuring Piyush Bhatnagar

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