The World Is Sound

deep-spiritual-bass (osmani soundz dj mix 1) 18-10-09

Guardian of the Spiritual Master Key – Osmani Soundz brings you a mix done for BBC Asian Network’s Electro East hosted by Nerm Chauhan.

Track Listing:

Osmani Soundz – Spiritual Masterkey (Omni / Island Records)
Osmani Soundz – OS System original mix (White)
The Nasha Experience – 100 Colours (Nasha Records)
Inside Info – Sound was Golden (Critical Music)
Osmani Soundz – Lushmeena (Nasha Records)
Big Bud – White Widow (Sound Trax)
Stranjah – 40 days (White)
Hard Rockers – 68 (Nasha Records)
Ges-e / Osmani Soundz – The Calling (Morphy Refix) (White )
The Nasha Experience – Harappa (Nasha Records)
Shahin Badar Feat The Nasha Experience – Distortion (White)
The Nasha Experience – Flyer Manz (Nasha Records)
The Nasha Experience – Clotted Cream (Nasha Records)
Shandy – Foghorn (White)
The Nasha Experience – Banzuki (White)

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