The World Is Sound

six degrees traveler – global dubstep

Todays post is from the record label Six Degrees that houses some of the renowned names in electronica and world fusion like Bombay Dub Orchestra, Karsh Kale, Midival Punditz, Gaudi, Niyaz, Cheb I Sabbah etc.

This is a two hour, weekly radio show hosted by Six Degrees Records co-founder Bob Duskis. The program bills itself as “free form radio with a global edge” because it cheerfully crosses genre lines from global grooves to ambient electronica to dance to rock to folktronica to exclusive mash ups and “white label” remixes, all in the spirit of the glory days of format-less “free form” FM radio.



  • Dusk + Blackdown Vs. Grievous Angel Iqbal’s Groove (Dub) Margins Music: Redux Keysound
  • Dusk + Blackdown Vs. Grievous Angel Confusion Margins Music: Redux Keysound
  • Sub Swara In sh’allah Coup d’Yah Low Motion
  • Radiohiro I Am That I Am Nu Asian Soundz High Chai
  • David Starfire Cobra Bollyhood Bass Six Degrees
  • Midival Punditz Bhangra Fever (Piyush Bhatnager Remix) Promo Only
  • Liquid Stranger Hexed & Perplexed The Intergalactic Slapstick Interchill
  • Kode 9 Vs. Badawi Den of Drumz “12”” Reachout
  • Mexican Institute of Sound Cumbia (Deathface Remix) Promo Only
  • Tayo Rootsman Promo Only
  • Shots Arabian Nightmare Dubstep Drama Series Rinse
  • David Starfire Vs. Freq Nasty Baghdad (Original Bootleg Version) Promo Only
  • FLeCK Genocide Denied Pt 1
  • wide-xclusive-fleck-dubstep-prince-ofgreece-
  • free-album-download/
  • Despina Vandi Gia (nhertz Remix) nhertz – Despina Vandi – GIA ( nhertz remix )
  • Side 9000 dhun Dubstep Sufferah Vol.3 Promo Only
  • Panika & Nilow Nagano PaniKa
  • Cotti Tamil Dub Box of Dub 2 Soul Jazz
  • The Others Bushido “12””” Dub Police
  • Komodo Bali Dub Subluna Sambal
  • Gravious Temple Ball Bingo EP Hotflush
  • Alchemyst Shaolin Rendered
  • Uncle Sam Round the World Girls (Tes La Rok Remix) “12””” Argon
  • Gaudi Bad Boy Bass (Liquid Stranger’s Tactical
  • Reload)
  • Bad Boy Bass Remixes Six Degrees/ Coming Soon
  • Celt Islam Depth Urban Sedated

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