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the demise of BBC Asian Network

I was only away for two weeks on holiday, upon my return I’m welcomed by the news of the end of BBC Asian Network and its 6Music digital channels soon.

The Asian Network has undoubtedly given people the access to different sounds, slots like Pathaan’s Musical Rickshaw, Nerm’s Electro East and Bobby Friction giving a platform to fresh talent, all pioneering shows that offered alternatives to just listening to your average music.

So, show some love, spread the word and save the Asian Network.

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By Abdul Smooth (founder of Indian Electronica)

According to the Times Online,we can expect closure of the BBC Asian Network and its 6Music digital channels sometime soon.  Apparently the beeb’s £3.6 billion annual license fee has become too large to competitively allow rival networks to have fair access to potential listeners’ ears.

The BBC has added new stations to its network for years now – attempting to reach all sorts of listeners accross the UK as well as internationally, via the iPlayer website. One such station has been the Birmingham-based BBC Asian Network, whom we’ve partnered with in the past to promote the Indian Electronica Festival in the UK.  The Asian Network is home to radio personalities such as Bobby Friction, Pathaan, Nerm and Sonny Ji – all proponents of progressive South Asian-flavored electronic music forms.

Though no official statement has been published by the BBC press office,the only word about the Asian Network they’ve dropped this week has been to announce the launch of a new Asian Chart Show to be presented by Bobby Friction – this past monday.

It seems very strange that the Times should report the network’s closure only days afterthe establishment of a major industry chart for South Asian music in the UK and we’ll be keeping an ear to the ground for developments in this story.

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