The World Is Sound

latest release from Supersoul Connection:

Supersoul Connection have just released their 5th single – Solo mol (Solo Minor) feat. P Ram.
A very “springlike” black-white video and or those who don’t understand the language, the video has been subtitled on Youtube with the translation of the song avaliable below.

1, 2, 3, piano keys stay together,
each is beautiful but together they sound better.
To revive they need someone to play on them,
God who knows how, Who knows the harmony. Hm?
And we need Him, He knows the melody,
to put His hands on them, white, black keys play accordingly.
It’s really hard to be small, instead of come together,
we rather play our solo minor – forever.

My happines, my head, my flag and my nation,
my wife, my holy war is righteous.
Me and mine and my God.
Me and mine and my God.
Me and mine and my God.
And my God.

God bless this ones and let Him curse the others
only because they call You by a different name?
Because they built their house on a foreign land,
under wrong flag? But hey, under the same Sun,
same pain, same drama. Same birth, same old-age,
same school, same coffin, same tears on a funeral,
same color of a blood, under the same Milky way
and tell me which religion are you when your body fades away?
And please, don’t tell me, brothers, hm, that you forget
that to Lord comes only the one whose forhead is marked
with the same code as you marked yours.
Well, who’s corps falls down?
And like you care about the stickers:
white, black, women, man, Muslem and Christian.

Colorful labels, bar-codes, random words.
Me and mine and my God.
Lyrics by P Ram
Translation by Dhyan

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