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a journey of emotions through sound …

Who would have thought I’d end up at the same up at the same uni as this music producer, though at the time I had no idea who he was especially because we were studying very different subjects! It was only a couple of years after graduating did I hear about him when my friend Vib sent me his link on Facebook.

Shammi Pithia, a humble London based composer and producer who made a debut release in 2008 with his EP ‘Cinema for the Ears’. This was quite literally a test for him, to understand and learn about the industry he was about to enter.

Cinema for the Ears is a majestic EP serving as an introduction into the mind of Shammi. Consisting of five tracks each quiet different but with one similarity, looking at the way music can move and soulfully touch an individual, a concept which sits at the heart of Shammi’s music philosophy.

Tracks featured on this EP such as “Poem without words” displaying an array of emotions all expressed audibly, like compassion and tenderness giving them a beautiful cinematic soundscapes feel. ‘The Dream’ on the EP has its base rooted in Hindu Philosophy, expressing Karma and the circle of Reincarnation through the more ‘human’ experience of a night’s dream.

You’ll hear a Bansuri (Indian Flute) being played in Cinema for the Ears, that is Shammi. Again teaching himself to play the flute by listening to flute recordings, analyzing them and then by trying to play them, thus developing an understanding of the instrument.

So what does the future hold? … Well, April 9th 2010 sees the release of Shammi’s first album – Audio Descriptive, out on all digital stores and CD’s from his website. Joining Shammi are an assortment of great musicians, names like Japjit Kaur, Unnati Dasgupta, Jatanil Banerjee, Michael Goodey, Suroj Sureshbabu, Preetha Narayanan and Dilpreet Bhatia, Sameer Rao (flutist) to name a few!!

Audio Descriptive is a 16 track album, with a running time of approximately 66 minutes that promises to take the ideas and themes from the E.P. “Cinema for the Ears’ a lot further in a much bigger and more expressive way!

EXCLUSIVE preview of “Stillness” featured on Audio Descriptive

Shammi reminds me of a young Nitin Sawhney, his work is well thought out, structured and with meaning, combined with a splash of elegance and grace. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Shammi scoring for films, T.V. and theatre later on!

Music plays a spiritual and philosophical role in Shammi’s work, the detail and attention given to the composition is quite something, as they say, God is in the detail.

Audio Descriptive Facebook Group | Shammi Pithia Myspace

 Poem without words

The Dream

Shammi also featuring on two tracks by Phealeh:

Dark Clouds | Thirten

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