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LH1 – new dubstep style

Jamal Mash aka LH1 a new and up coming producer (currently unsigned) who is the latest artist to hit my soundcloud page.

Nihal – BBC Radio 1 ”LH1 has amazed me with his beat bending, bassline weaponry. He makes tracks that burst with energy, tracks that keep the trainspotter and the raver happy. From Dubstep to electro I’m expecting big things from LH1 in 2010”


The freshest Producer Taking off from Manchester UK .In and around the World of Ever Evolving Sounds and Trends,LH1’s Style is Unprecedented and Transcends Genres of Music.Breaking Boundaries in an Eclectic way, Pioneering Producer LH1,Has His Own Dubstep,The Unique Style & Approach has Gained much Support by BBC Radio.

Take a listen – LH1 tracks will cause skeletal structure damage … you have been warned! 🙂


Read more about the fella:

eastern rising brings a new fusion

Show some love and visit:

LH1 Soundcloud | LH1 Myspace

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