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six degrees iphone apps

Finally applications for the Iphone that cater for all my musical needs. Six Degrees Records, home to Bombay Dub Orchestra, Midival Punditz, Karsh Kale and many more have released two!!!

A seriously good move by Six Degrees to have the iPhone apps. Now we have GLOBALNOIZE at our fingertips and offering the finest eclectic and beat dropping sounds of the world that will get you on the Global dance floor!

Download the Apps

The first is: Six Degrees Records

The Six Degrees Records app is your portal to the world of  the trail blazing San Francisco based, independent label Six Degrees Records. This app will allow you to download and stream music from the label’s diverse artist roster as well as explore the Global Noize blog, keep up on the label’s twitter feed and follow the roster’s tour dates.

Installment 198- Cosmic Space Disco Traveler:

The second: Six Degrees Traveler Radio

Six Degrees Traveler is a two hour, weekly radio show hosted by Six Degrees Records co-founder Bob Duskis.  The program bills itself as “free form radio with a global edge” because it cheerfully crosses genre lines from global grooves to ambient electronica to dance to rock to folktronica to exclusive mash ups and “white label” remixes, all in the spirit of the glory days of format-less “free form” FM radio.

six degrees website | Youtube

Traveler Radio – Installment 214 – Global Dubstep:

seriously good move by Six Degrees to have the iPhone apps. Now we have GLOBALNOIZ at our fingertips!

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