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Alchemical Work in Progress: Bandish Projekt

Today I had coffee with Bandish Projekt aka Mayur Narvekar and Pritesh Varia in Birmingham.

We had a really good chat about Indian electro music, the future of dubstep, diversity of genres and the emotional journey attached to the tracks that Mayur produces. Also received some sound advice (no pun intended) for my blog :).

Bandish Projekt will be performing @ Southbank Centre, London on Sunday 11/04 as part of the British Council UK-India Connections Through Culture programme.

BP – is one of India’s leading lights on the flourishing electronica scene, who will join forces with jazz clarinetist Arun Ghosh, flute beatboxer Nathan ‘Flutebox’ Lee and spoken word artist Shane Solanki of Last Mango In Paris (who all appear in Raj: Reload on Saturday 10 April), to begin creating new collaborative work.


This is a dirty breakbeat dub track remixed by Bandish Projekt – Bad Boy Bass from GAUDIs up coming album Prisoners on Six Degrees Records.


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  1. Rudra

    Any points to throw out from your discussions with regards to the future of dubstep and all that musical chat? I don’t want to bracket it with other genres as every one is distinct, but I’ve noticed with garage, grime, so-called ‘intelligent dance’, breakbeat, trip-hop etc… that they very often fade into the same generic trap that has made most trance, hip-hop and guitar pop so dull bar the odd creative exception to the rule. Will we soon grow weary of this particular part of “ethno-techno” shizz and wait for the next bandwagon to hitch up some riders or is this going to develop and mature into a scene that will keep the music fan interested!

    02/04/2010 at 9:48 PM

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