The World Is Sound


My introduction with this next producer was totally by fluke, a lazy weekend just surfing the web, looking for some good music and I come across a Facebook page DJ A/X : AXAI LIVE.

From Mumbai, dubbed as India’s answer to Paul Van Dyke and Massive Attack, Akshai Sarin is a music composer/producer/dj and ex member of the infamous Shiva Soundsystem. Playing at festivals in Edinburgh, fashion shows in Paris and at super clubs like Ministry of Sound and sharing the global stage with the like of top names in dance music like Sasha and Digweed.

Listening to his tracks you get a tremendous sense of diversity and adaptability. I remember when I first heard DRIVE on his Facebook fan page … DAMN! Couldn’t stop listening to it for days – music that radiates with world influences married seamlessly with dance beats, downtempo chilled electronic and with harmonic elements all wrapped up neatly – A whole new clubbing experience being generated from the motherland!


Gifted from an early age, Akshai has always been experimenting with sound, from keyboards to tablas and then tackling the turntables. by making his own version by diassembling a walkman when he was a kid. By the keen age of 16 we had composed tracks from his first album Soundscapes – I was kicking a ball around when I was that age!! …

Drive: – you seriously will not regret listening to this!!!

Akshai has such an impressive CV of achievement that I simply don’t know where to being. He has loaned his talents from providing the music for Hard Kaur to co-writing and co-producing DJ Yahel’s “Anoni” which will be feature on Sarin’s upcoming album “CONNECTED“.

Last week saw Akshai & Moonbeam’s new collaboration Elephant Ride featuring Russian vocalist Avis Vox is now released on Dj Tiesto’s Black Hole Records which is now on air worldwide with the music video out at the end of April ’10

Elephant Ride:

Akshai is more than just a music composer/producer/dj, he is also a media entrepreneur. Having established AXYZ Music International (pronounced “axis”) a global company involved in all stages of the music economy from development to delivery. He has also moved on to heading Culture Marketing for Red Bull in India – certainly has his hands full!

Currently having exclusive worldwide management rights for the prestigious jazz outfit “The Saurang Orchestra” (Surinder Sandhu and collaborators Steve Vai, The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, Any Shepperd, George Lucas – to name a few).

The video for my fav track Drive is being put together as we speak … more updates as and when they happen.

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