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EXCLUSIVE ALCHEMY: bandish projekt|arun ghosh|last mango in paris|nathan flutebox lee

Before I’ve even written the review I have some Exclusive footage for you guys.

Taken by a good mate of mine Raghav Bhatt, exclusively from the intimate event of ‘Alchemy’ at the Royal Festival Hall, Southbank on 11/04/2010. Bandish Projekt architect, Mayur Narvekar, teamed up with British-Asian clarinettist, composer and musical performer, Arun Ghosh, Last Mango in Paris and Nathan ‘Flutebox’ Lee to form musical masterpieces. These short, musical sound bites, were created over just a few days, specifically for the festival.

Bandish Projekt & Arun Ghosh

Bandish Projekt and Last Mango in Paris

Bandish Projekt and Nathan Flutebox Lee

4 responses

  1. Ankita Derasraia

    Amazing performers…………….. anybody’s attention is driven and it completely captures the mind in seconds. Few people have the power to bring out all the inside aura of music, bringing alive the soul of music



    29/04/2010 at 4:10 PM

  2. Super interesting read! Honest!

    28/05/2010 at 1:18 AM

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