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audio descriptive … shammi pithia

This isn’t a review but just a few words on how I’m feeling about what I’m hearing. Over the past few month my ears have been subjected to a lot of dubstep, drum n bass, electronica etc. This I have to say was just the break my ears were searching for…

I received my copy of Shammi Pithia’s Audio Descriptive today. I stuck it straight on my Ipod, listened to it on the way to the gym, at the gym and on the way back. I’m kinda lost for words, not really sure how to describe this audio experience …

Shammi’s first EP Cinema for the Ears was great, he set himself a foundation, a beginning. Audio Descriptive resonates sounds from the EP, certainly not a flaw, a clear indication of an organic evolution Shammi’s music is going through – what he started with, to where he is going. There has been no need for reinvention here, because its simply not needed, what he has created works well.

There is a very good mix of sounds on the album, from an almost latino track to a hip hop, classical, hindi, cinematic and tonnes more.

This album is great, lots of dynamism and intelligence, truly refreshing piece of work.

Simply Beautiful …

get you copy here:

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