The World Is Sound


Those of you who visited India during the early 90’s you’d remember a fizzy orange-flavoured soft drink that use to rule the industry with its zingy tangy taste. Well I do, and some else did too. Siddharth Kholsa, singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, like me, used to drink this carbonated orange beverage on his visits to India.

As a kid Siddharth grew up listening to some of the greats who grace the sound waves of the 1950s to 70s from the legendary Indian composer SD/RD Burman to the singers Mohammed Rafi and Kishore Kumar. Later on during his school years he is acquainted with the Beatles …

This concoction proved priceless as in 2005 Goldspot signed a record deal with a start-up independent label Union Records with their debut album “Tally of the Yes Men” But it wasn’t until the tastemaker DJ Nic Harcourt first introduced them on his morning show, KCRW’s “Morning Becomes Eclectic” did their success launch off.

The Sunday Times hailed Goldspot as “the best band to come out of America in years

After a live performance on Harcourt’s show, the band soon began selling out shows across Los Angeles. Harcourt championed the band, hailing them as his “favourite band of 2005”, and began playing tracks from Tally of the Yes Men on heavy rotation (“Rewind“, “Time Bomb“, and “Friday“).

With the backing from Harcourt the band received exposure that would lead to signing a deal with major record label Mercury Records (Universal Music Group) in the UK and a release of an alternate version of “Tally” was released in the UK in June, 2007, featuring A. R. Rahman’s Bollywood Orchestra.

Goldspot have this beautiful fresh trademark sound. It’s like atoms from Bollywood and The Beatles colliding to give an eclectic rock vibe integrating subtle resonance of bolly influences instrumentation with soul.

Total respect to my LA friend Jasmine for flagging these guys up to me!

myspace| official site

Latest release: And The Elephant is Dancing (2010)

“Clap Clap”
“Time Bomb”

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