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Setspeed – Two Blocks Down and Droptools EXCLUSIVE

I think this is awesome! Randomly came across it today. Its the first full release on the new Bass Music label. Some grimy dubstep with drop of ambience.

With the debut release from Bristol producer Setspeed. This dubstep two-tracker shows a producer with an ear for detailed beats, intricate soundscapes and abstract textures – taking influences from classic dubstep, with a respectful nod to the space and precision of producers like Photek.

Two Blocks Down takes muted colours and clinical FX atop a rolling beat and clashing ride cymbals, building to a heady swirl of technoid distortion, bouncing delays and twisted strings. Droptools, by contrast, strips things back to the very bones; fragments of rhythm skitter around a crisp halfstep beat, while a strident 808 bass underpins a desolate industrial atmosphere.

Setspeed – Droptools

Check out the awesome video: too cool!


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