The World Is Sound


One of my favourite record labels EarthSync has had a brilliant year filled with some spectacular releases. Not forgetting Business Class Refugees by Kartick and Gotam, Shoshan by Shye Ben-Tzur and the very awesome New Day: Laya Project Remixed featuring some world class DJs and producers.

Back in 2009, EarthSync released Nagore Sessions, a unique musical collaboration featuring Sufi, Indian, Middle Eastern and Western elements.

A trio of traditional Sufi dargah singers teams up with Middle Eastern frame drums, the resonant strings of the sarangi (bowed, short-necked string instrument), and Tibetan brass in pulsating, elevated tracks that ring with raw power and an uplifting, transcendent call to love and devotion.

The production team from EarthSync first came to Nagore in the wake of the tragic 2004 tsunami, as part of the Laya Project, a multimedia homage to the cultures and peoples affected by the devastation.

This deep-rooted, yet open-minded musical outlook made transcultural collaboration a breeze. The dargah singers found common sonic ground instantly with Turkish-Israeli frame drum master Zohar Fresco.

Sarangi virtuoso Murad Ali Khan skillfully interwove classical Indian sounds into the folksy, compelling mix, and Patrick Sebag boldly incorporated the sounds of the horns of the Tibetan Buddhist Tashi Lhunpo Monastery. The result remains as divine and urgent as a Sufi prayer, yet instantly enjoyable and infectious.



(courtesy of flipswitchpr)

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