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HUB – Indian Electronica Yearbook Project (2010)

WOWSERS! I’ve found out that my site, has been featured in the India’s first book on electronica music – HUB presented by Goethe‐Institut/ Max Mueller Bhavan, Music Gets Me High & Samrat B.


HUB is India’s first and only anthology of electronic music – a legitimate record of everything that’s past and currently happening in terms of music, artists, events and more. The book hopes to create further awareness of Indian electronica via distribution of information, which has not been done before. The published material will serve as an official statement for and about the people involved in this field and give a much‐needed voice to this rising subculture.

This book includes a brief history of electronic music and the impact of technology on music in India from 1982 when Charanjit Singh graced us with “Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat” to the current scene.

There’s a complete list profiles of electronic bands & DJ’s, each containing detailed information about the artist, their discography and contact information. Covers 60 plus artists from India and Indians settled abroad.

HUB also has a collection of features to highlight and critically examine the impact of electronic music in India with respect to prevailing tastes, lifestyle, clubs and the various fringe and lesser‐known facets of this rising subculture.

The Resources section of the book will be most beneficial to music industry counterparts when they want to establish a working relationship with India. It contains information and contact details of most:

Artist Booking & Management Agencies // Venues // Labels // Online Music sites // Sound & equipment vendors

Guest features by:

  • Randolf Correia (Shaa’ir + Func),
  • Ma Faiza, (Premier DJ)
  • Varun Desai (Promoter & Owner – Littlei)
  • Pathaan (BBC Asian Network, UK)

This book is defo worth checking out especially for a newbie into the world of electronica rather than someone already familiar with the genre.

Read more about HUB:

DOWNLOAD HUB – (Hi-rez PDF Format – Limited Edition 2011)

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