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East Stepper – Dilruba (FREE DOWNLOAD)

A 25 year old producer who makes electronic music out of a 12×10 room based in New Delhi, India. Abhishek “D1vine” Jha aka East Stepper was born and raised in Dhanbad an industrial town in Jharkhand. Growing up with two elder siblings who were always into the current music scene of their time he never really had much trouble discovering new music. D1vine grew up on a healthy dose of 80′ Italo disco, Brit Pop, 80’s rock and roll and 90’s Heavy Metal with a heavy garnishing of our all quintessential Bollywood.

East Stepper comes out with a breed of bass heavy music laden with melodies and harmonies and a different take on Indian percussion all combined with floor warbling bass-lines and gritty effects . Currently D1vine produces dubstep (Which he calls New wave of Indian Dubstep) and Drum and Bass under the project name of East Stepper.

Dilruba is his latest release as a free download! check it grab it!

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