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Mysterious Duality | Multifaceted Voices of the Veena

Dr, Jayanthi Kumaresh found herself communicating to different people in different ways, she explains “When you talk to your son, husband, teacher, colleague, or your student, with each role, your intonation changes so much. So I thought, ‘Why not make the veena do this?”

This epiphany transformed into Mysterious Duality. It represents an exploration of the splendour of classical Carnatic music, showcasing the many overtones, unique resonances, and dozens of strings of the awe-inspiring elegance of the veena.

The tracks on this album tap into the deep knowledge of Carnatic music’s system allowing reinterpretation of the rhythmic cycles (tala) and melodic patterns (raga) providing a lush expedition through classical music.

Indian music has this treasure house of melodies, or ragas that are created using a particular set of notes in particular order. Scales don’t become ragas until they have life breathed into them,” Jayanthi notes. “But that creativity has a boundary, as well as a particular emotion. It’s as if you have three colors to use in a painting. You can still paint anything you want, even if you only use three colors.

The tonal richness of the Veena in multiple layers embedded layer within layer, becomes the voice of the self, and expresses the multiple personalities that are inherent in a person and the ceaseless thoughts that make the Self: the individual, a single mind, a single heart, a million thoughts in tandem, multiple roles, a different persona in each relationship.

The resonance of each of the many strings of the seven veenas used come together in harmonious musical synergy, and the mysterious dualities of a single existential entity emerge.


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