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Polaroid 85 @ eastern electronic festival (FREE EP)

During the week long event of Shaanti’s Eastern Electronic Festival, I got to witness some really awesome acts. On the Thursday, Shammi Pithia and Polaroid 85 performed. Shammi Pithia you already know. I’m a massive fan of him and reported on his gigs and albums.

However Polaroid 85,  are a new band on the scene who I;ve never seen perform before. They’re a London based 7 piece collective consisting of vocals, piano, drums, bass, cello, violin, clarinet and samples/synths/live electronics. Making music that fuses down-tempo / electronica with classical, folk, jazz and world rhythms with influences of drum and bass, dubstep and broken beat.

They have a FREE EP out – titled FUZZY MORNINGS, beautiful, fresh and exciting!


Check out FUZZY Mornings:

Go Ahead:

Awesome stuff! Respect to Sharnita for bringing these guys to Birmingham!


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