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transglobal underground/krupa @ eastern electronic festival

A couple of weeks ago at SHAANTI’s Eastern Electronic Festival, sandwiched between two great acts, SWAMI and The Nasha Experience was Transglobal Underground (TGU). God knows why had I not seen them live before? They were incredible!

For the past two decades TGU have been making people tap their toes and bop their heads to their invigorating pulsating beats merged multicultural influences from across the world. On the night, the set was led by Tim Whelan with Hamid Mantu on Drum Gurjit Sihra on Dhol and lead vocals provided by Krupa.

Old and new material was performed including the rhythmically infectious “Drums of Navarone” featuring some extraordinary interplay between drummer and dhol player resulting in some magnificent and thunderous sounds!

Drums of Navarone

The track that really got my attention was “Emotional YoYo” (from the album “Moonshout”) sang by Krupa. It was an impressive display of formidable stage presence combined vocal energy that really brought the track alive. I watched people faces as she performed; we were left speechless in admiration. The last time I saw this sort of reaction, I was at London’s Southbank Centre watching Shaa’ir n Func.

Krupa’s dynamic vocal prowess is all about injecting character into the words, colouring them with a healthy dose of playfulness and vigour. As a friend put it she’s “Gwen Stefani on crack. Her style is super quirky and she has more energy than an energiser bunny.”

Emotional YoYo

Krupa also performed “Ridiculous Boy” her soon to be released single from her forthcoming debut album “Wonder IF the Moon”.

Ridiculous Boy

My Favourite: Wonder IF the Moon

I’ll be keeping you informed of TGU and Krupa releases.

Stay connected with both on:

Links: KRUPA



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