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mountains and cities from new york // my pet dragon

The New York based band My Pet Dragon, whom I’ve covered previously have a new album now – Mountains and Cities. The release is a 12 track stunner featuring the fabulous vocals of Todd Michaelsen and the wonderful wife/actress and singer Reena Shah.

Mountains and Cities deliver some energetic melody driven pop rock tracks that really have an likeable sound. The album is introduced by “Majestic Lovers” an upbeat retro-esq feel good song that will capture the ears of a lot of listeners – great vocals and poetic lyrics! The tempo increases with concert tracks intended to be heard on a mass scale like “Moonshine” and “Lighting Inside”.

My Pet Dragon certainly keep a good flow throughout the album … keeping the sound uplifting and intense … Todd’s lyrical skills holds the interest of the listener and prevents the songs from becoming cheesy rock!

An album with soul and substance for sure!

Majestic Lovers [Free Download]

Flow  [Free Download]

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