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nada:brahma top tracks of 2010

Merry Christmas people!

I’ve got a round up of what I consider to be the top tracks of 2010 (in no particular order). So enough of the chit chat from me and on with the show.

Aeroplane Dope & D-Skillz featuring Raggo Blunt – Pinky Finger (Piyush Bhatnagar Remix)

Akala – Yours and My Children

Anuj Rastogi (Omnesia) – The Dark Knight – Why So Serious (Indian DubStep Remix)

Aref Durvesh + Xfile (xfile remix) – Cloudsurfing dubrub remix

Awake (karsh kale’s morning remix)

Bandish Projekt – Brown Skin Beauty (Liquid Stranger Remix)

Barbouze – Otto Matic Rumble Mix

Bass Flo – Mount Everest

Bonita Applebum – Why Can’t Love

Clare Maguire – Ain’t Nobody (breakage remix)

Daft Punk – Derezzed (from TRON: Legacy)

Dimm Summer – Rubstep – slow burn mix

Engine-Earz Experiment (Feat. Lena Cullen) – Reach You

FILMI – Technicolor

Gaudi – Bad Boy Bass (Piyush Bhatnagar Remix)

Jalebee Cartel – Mirrors (Breed Remix)

Karsh Kale & Midival Punditz – Girl Fight (Enter the Dragon)

Kaya Project – When Only Sand Remains (Tripswitch Remix)

Lal Meri – Lal Meri (Bombay Dub Orchestra Remix)

Mirko Kosmos – Light Warrior

My Pet Dragon – Flow (Karsh Kale’s Way Of The Dragon Mix)

Phaeleh – Afterglow (feat. Soundmouse)

Rita Morar & Steve Carty – Rain (Piyush Bhatnagar Remix)

Shaa’ir & Func – Every time You’re Around

Shammi Pithia – The Seeker

Sub Swara – Bend You

Sukh Knight – Gabba Wasp

The Nasha Experience – REDZONE

Bob Marley – Waiting in Vain (Susheela Raman and Karsh Kale Version)

Amal Lad – Once Upon a Time in London

2011 Favourited already:

Generation Bass Presents Transnational Dubstep Compilation


AWAKE (remix ep) Janaka Selekta (FREE DOWNLOAD)

OH! … Since ChaiWallas Boombox mentioned this to me, I’ve been eagerly awaiting its release and its out now – FREE TO DOWNLOAD BABY! … yes thats right!

A four track eclectic remix EP of AWAKE from the album PUSHING AIR by Janaka Selekta. Remixes by Ealzee, Adil Medina, Sunskript and g-ta offering their own interpretation for you to groove and chill out to … LOVE IT!

1.Awake (Ealzee’s Morning Dub Remix)
2.Awake (Adil Medina’s Deep Remix)
3.Awake (Sunskript’s Thread Through Me Remix)
4.Awake (g-ta’s DnB Remix)


In the run up to the release of Janaka Selekta‘s debut album Pushing Air on 06/07/10, ChaiWalla’s Boombox is offering 5 glorious tracks to download for free … But only for the next 7 DAYS!!!

Follow the link and Check it out:

Do not miss out, as I mentioned in my previous post, you will not be disappointed!

janaka selekta : pushing air

Janaka, born in Asia, raised in Europe and the Middle East, and currently residing in the United States. He is a rising talent on the global music scene. Under the monika Janaka Selekta, he writes, produces and DJs music that brings together the classical, folk and roots styling of South Asia, Arabia, Jamaica & Africa with the cutting edge sounds of hard hitting electronica.

PUSHING AIR is the debut album from this San Francisco based producer, out on the new label Chaiwalla’s Boombox on July 6, 2010. I’ve been listening to Janaka’s stuff for a while and I can tell you, you wont be disappointed. With dub reggae that meets energy of bass rattling dancefloors and a space where Indian classical folk traditions collide into the fringes of electronic music a cocktail any ear will go weak for!

From “Pushing Air” to be released on July 6th, 2010 on Chaiwalla’s Boombox, are giving away “Reborn” free to download.

More on this guys in future posts for sure!!