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tarun “tspoon” nayar

Plain Dope 003 – Pinky Finger

Folks, a new online only single release from Plain Dope Records (Aeroplane Dope and my bro D-Skillz) with two exclusive remixes from two of India’s fastest rising electronic music producers, Piyush Bhatnagar & Sickflip. A nice rolling trio to get you into the groove for summer 2011. Available in most good music stores online including itunes, Amazon, Juno since 15th April 2011.

Check them out … nice tracks:

Aeroplane Dope & D-Skillz feat Raggo Blunt – Pinky Finger (Original Mix)

Aeroplane Dope & D-Skillz feat Raggo Blunt – Pinky Finger (Piyush Bhatnagar Remix)

Aeroplane Dope & D-Skillz feat Raggo Blunt – Pinky Finger (Sickflip Remix)

10 Years of Global Travel Brings Retro Electronica

You may know Tarun ‘Tspoon’ Nayar from his much in demand band Delhi 2 Dublin, but what you may not know is that Tarun is also a Vancouver based DJ/producer who is about to turn Asian-fused electronica on its ear. After travelling the four corners of the globe, Tarun has compiled 10 years of material for his latest solo effort, 22º of Beatitude (Chaiwalla’s Boombox; March 01, 2011) which he describes as his most personal work to date.

Turkish Spice by Tarun Nayar

Recording sessions with artists worldwide, 22º of Beatitude brings us to temples in Bhutan, to street corners in Tokyo and even to an intimate conversation between the artist and his grandmother. Breaking out of the dancefloor-driven format, Tarun’s aim was to record as many of the sounds as possible, live, without the use of sample libraries. Each of these songs tells a story, and each story is a chapter in the artist’s life. They are a decade-long evolution of sounds that blend culture, beats and bass. With influences ranging from Talvin Singh to Bassnectar, Tarun’s music aims to break boundaries and bring people together.

Kezang La LIVE by Tarun Nayar (feat Tashi Nencha and Rup Sidhu)