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Dear Readers,

It most certainly has been a while. The reason for such a long silence is due to work on the new website.

I can now announce the launch on the NEW WEBSITE – HTTP://NADABRAHMA.CO.UK

This will no longer be used but is still going to remain active ….  So please join us at the new home!

I want to thank a few of people with their help, Amit Patel and Rajen Shah from Watermarkmedia, Kunal ‘Cabein’ Anand, Tariq Hussain and Dimm Summer for letting me use a part of for the header!



bill bailey eastern collaboration // tinselworm [2008]

I am totally loving this collaboration by Bill Bailey with the Indian band from London called Bollywood Pandits – as featured on his DVD Tinselworm [2008]

Utter genius!

Deliverance Banjo Duel – featuring Soumik Datta


Constructing the Absence // SubSwara (BREED REMIX): FREE DOWNLOAD

Here’s a FREE DOWNLOAD of a track that was produced 2 years ago by B.R.E.E.D, a remix of Constructing the Absence by Sub Swara from their album Coup d’Yah

Check out their new site:

B.R.E.E.D | B.R.E.E.D FB page

10 Years of Global Travel Brings Retro Electronica

You may know Tarun ‘Tspoon’ Nayar from his much in demand band Delhi 2 Dublin, but what you may not know is that Tarun is also a Vancouver based DJ/producer who is about to turn Asian-fused electronica on its ear. After travelling the four corners of the globe, Tarun has compiled 10 years of material for his latest solo effort, 22º of Beatitude (Chaiwalla’s Boombox; March 01, 2011) which he describes as his most personal work to date.

Turkish Spice by Tarun Nayar

Recording sessions with artists worldwide, 22º of Beatitude brings us to temples in Bhutan, to street corners in Tokyo and even to an intimate conversation between the artist and his grandmother. Breaking out of the dancefloor-driven format, Tarun’s aim was to record as many of the sounds as possible, live, without the use of sample libraries. Each of these songs tells a story, and each story is a chapter in the artist’s life. They are a decade-long evolution of sounds that blend culture, beats and bass. With influences ranging from Talvin Singh to Bassnectar, Tarun’s music aims to break boundaries and bring people together.

Kezang La LIVE by Tarun Nayar (feat Tashi Nencha and Rup Sidhu)

Karsh Kale – Saajana [Ming & FS Mix]

A New York City drum’n’bass duo Ming + FS pioneered their own self-described “junkyard” sound, mixing and matching elements of old school hip-hop, jungle, electro, turntablism, and live instrumentation.

Here’s their remix of Karsh Kale’s SAAJANA featured on Redesign: Realize Remixed

news from CHILL OM

For the first time, Grahan Chronicles unveiling its track : Infused Reality – releasing on a 3 track EP “Beauty and the Beasts” including “Vivaan” and “Flights Of Fantasies”.

Three slammin’ progressive tracks that will really get your blood flowing.

The EP is going to be available on Beatport by the End of the Month.

Infused Reality – Grahan Chronicles

Flights Of Fantasies – Grahan Chronicles

Vivaan – Grahan Chronicles


On Sunday CHILLOM Records marked its 3 year anniversary … and to commemorate the occasion they released an hour set featuring some of the finest progressive/trancy sounds

Grab your copy of the set here: Chill Om 3rd Anniversary Set

struggla : engine earz

Ere’z a lavly mix by DJ Luxy and Engine Earz, one of the UK’s most dynamic dubstep acts around.

Live Serato mix for youtube. Free audio download.


1/ Struggla – Skitz Ft Kardinal Offishal and Rodney P (EngineEarZ Experiment remix)
2/ Got 2 Know – Flux Pavillion
3/ Justified – Breakage
4/ Take me to hospital – Rusko remix
5/ Reach You – EngineEarZ Experiment Ft Lena Cullen
6/ Battle Suit – Emalkay
7/ The Gift – Tek One Remix

Kick back turn it up and enjoy …………. for 10 mins!!!