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haunting melodies over dark bass, QUEST remix // bandish projekt [free download]

Bandish Projekt Remix of the track Quest original by Vivek Rajagopalan. Quest has acclaimed violinist Embar Kannan on violin and vocals Shri of the Badmarsh & Shri on bass and bowed bass and Vivek on Mridangam and Kanjira. Quest features a haunting melody sung in Tamil over dark bass and heavy undertones. A line from the the great poet Subramania Bharati‘s poem is used to bring the “soul searching” element to this melodious track.

experimental jazz-scapes // thundercat

After listening to a lot of Asiatic electronica these past few weeks and so I developed a bit of an itch, wanting hear something different, something I wasn’t used to nor would I be listening to it just once.

While listening to Flying Lotus’ [FlyLo] ‘Cosmogramma’, I came across a bass player from California, the son of Temptations drummer Ronald Bruner Sr, brother to Grammy winner – drummer Ronald Bruner, Jr and named after what I can only call one of the greatest 80’s cartoons ever made.

Enter Stephen Bruner aka THUNDERCAT. He has had a pretty fruitful career over the last few years [being only 26]. Playing bass for artists such as Snoop Dogg, singer Eric Benet, bass legend Stanley Clarke and Sa-Ra Creative Partners, not to mention being an involved member of the band ’Suicidal Tendencies’

THUNDERCAT has built up quite a reputation for himself with his lightning quick bass lines, but it was only after his involvement in ‘Cosmogramma’ and a bit of support from his friend FlyLo did he Burner start work on his début album – ‘The Golden Age of Apocalypse’.

The Golden Age of Apocalypse’, is a record unique and strange record for me, I don’t quite understand it but I find it fascinating and it has sparked my curiosity into THUNDERCAT’s particular style of music.

The Bass plays a massive importance on this album, a crucial instrument that gives ambience, rhythm and depth to tracks. As a result the bass virtuoso with the help of co-producer FlyLo merges the creativity of soulful jazz and funk to the intergalactic synths, silky chords and blissful frequencies all tied up with THUNDERCAT‘s nimble fast fingered bass playing making the experience truly astral.

SHRI // masterclass

SHRI (of Badmarsh and Shri) is an artist who I’ve been a fan of for years. My first introduction to the duo was the highly acclaimed album ‘SIGNS’ which was groundbreaking and put on heavy rotation for weeks on my CD player (days before the iPod ;))

I was absolutely thrilled when I found out SHRI has set up a masterclass to teach budding musicians, producers and artists. Having a wealth of practical knowledge and hands on experience that spans 17 years, SHRI will offer one to one sessions for anyone who would like a quick grasp of the bigger picture or improve certain aspects of playing, imagining, creating or technology.

The subjects include:

MUSIC PRODUCTION AND TECHNOLOGY // Applying Music Technology. Practical approach to Understanding & Using Music Technology  to Record and work with Audio & Midi, using Logic software as a Recording & Composing tool, Music Production Techniques, Mixing on a computer.

BASS // Extending the Possibilities of Bass playing and Technique. Practical experience based approach to Grooves, Bass Lines, Attitude and Soloing.

TABLA // Basics or advanced aspects of Tablas and Rhythm. Equally useful to singers, guitarists, bass players etc, to get a strong sense of rhythm in playing/performing and also learning the Indian System of counting beats on Even or Odd Time rhythms. For advanced Tabla players, learning to find the spaces and groove with Tablas on beats like Drum&Bass, DubStep, Rock, Pop etc or to just simply play better and stronger.

For information on fees please visit: or email:  masterclass(at)

See him in action:

Introducing ShriLektric

Shri-Jugalbandi. Live@Hoxton Bar&Kitchen, London.


Bassist/performer/producer Dr Das is one of the founder members of Asian Dub Foundation (ADF), which developed out of a youth music workshop he was running at London based music organization CM in 1993. He left ADF at the end of 2005 to resume his exploration of dub related experimental music and engage in new collaborations.

Dr Das’s debut solo album EMERGENCY BASSLINES (2006) is an instrumental set where his trademark bass melodies guide you through a dense jungle of distorted Indian percussion. The overall sound is both militant and optimistic, reflecting a world in a state of flux.

Fast forward to now and we have NEW tracks from a live set, which are taken from 2 unreleased albums.

Some of the tracks are about are about to here are to be released as downloads by an Italian label called Elastica who are a successful dubstep label.

They’ve also commissioned some of their producers to do dubstep versions of these tracks, and as soon as they’re out, you’ll hear about them here … first!!!

Dr. Das on MySpace:

Check it out: 11 tracks (they will play one after the other, alternatively click on the link below!)


desi dubstep from friction

A track from the Bollywood movie “My Name Is Khan” done for the ‘Friction Lab’ feature on Bobby Friction’s BBC Asian Network show by Alexis K…

Really feeling this track, not your bog standard remix …

A mix done for Mistajams show that is a showcase of the Dubstep sound with a heavy Indo/Pak influence …

Mix Details (my ones to listen out for in bold)

  • Barbarix — Shiva Step (White)
  • Sukh Knight — Beneath Your Blouse (Tru Tigers)
  • The Love Theme — Indian Girl (Cottenmouth Remix) (Permanent Damage Records)
  • David Starfire — Cobra (Sub Swara Remix) (Six Degrees)
  • Radikal Guru — Kali (Moonshine Recordings)
  • Liquid Stranger — Hexed & Perplexed (High Chai Recordings)
  • Nuphlo — Homeland Insecurity (High Chai Recordings)
  • Rita Morar & Steve ‘Fingerz’ Carty — Rain (Monkey Dub Recordings)