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asian balearic eclectic exotic electronic mix // pathaan [free download]

Another fabulous mix on the Bobby Friction show [BBC Asian Network]. This time by the original taste-maker and an inspiration … DJ PATHAAN! …

This 30 mins mix consisting of asian balearic eclectic exotic electronic beats to chill you right out … and its a free download 🙂

Also check out and buy his latest release: pathaan’s playlist :: ibiza // MUST HAVE!

Track list:
1. Kemek – Certain Frequencies [iLabel]
2. Tropics – Mouves (Keep Shelly In Athens Remix) [Planet Mu]
3. Sudha – Living By Numbers [Pathaan’s Countdown Remix] [Copyright Control]
4. Minimow – Bollyhouse (SIS Remix) [Lola’s World]
4. Junkie XL – Molly’s E (Original Mix) [Nettwerk]
5. Alpha-X – Finally Free (Pathaan Space Mix) [iLabel]

one arm parisian twice born mix (old skool asian underground soundz) // dj soundar [free download]

Last night on the Bobby Friction show (BBC Asian Network), my brother from France – DJ Soundar dropped an old skool asian underground mix filled with some of my favourite tunes by Dhamaal Soundsystem, Visionary Underground and many more.

About DJ Soundar : One of an innovative new wave of DJs, Soundar was the first Asian DJ / producer and Asian underground music promoter on the urban French electronic music scene. With versatility & skill, he mixes the rich, intricate & complex sounds of his cultural heritage with western urban & electronic beats, producing music with passion & integrity. His mixes transport you to a place where time-honoured Indian traditions meet contemporary western technology, reflecting his true cultural and artistic identity with the sensuality and authenticity of his work.

Big respect to DJ Soundar for keeping the scene alive in Paris and the rest of France!!

1/ Dhamaal Sound system: ‘Z Motion’
2/ Visionary Underground: ‘Freedom’
3/ Dhamaal Sound System: ‘Oopari’
4/ Zahid: ‘Electro K’
5/ Dhamaal Sound System: ‘Twilight Creeper’
6/ Dj Feelfree & Ges-e ‘Sonic Solution’
7/ Trigger (White Label)
8/ Visionary Underground: Militant 24 (feat Aref Durvesh and Sonia Mehta)
9/ Visionary Underground: ‘Make it Happen’
10/ Apache Indian: ‘Aum Namo Shiva’

osmani soundz // friction show – DRUMSCAPES MIX (FREE DOWNLOAD)

And here is that fabulous mix I was tweeting about the other day!

A thirty minute set by the legendary Osmani Soundz for Bobby Frictions show on the BBC Asian Network …

Absorb the drumscapes! …

bandish projekt // 2009 elektronica set [free download]

Here’s a mix produced by Bandish Projekt did for The Friction Show (BBC Asian Network). Also known as the Concordia mix by Generation Bass.

Its  free to download. As always just click on the little arrow on the right.


Nu:klea – “The Silent MC”

Known as the Silent MC, Nu:klea is the latest artist in my inbox. On Monday 2nd Aug ’10, Nu:klea was featured as one of the artists of Bobby Frictions show where his debut track ‘Kolkata Mong’ was aired.

Nu:klea – a DJ, MC, band backing singer, broadcaster, promoter and manager across a number of genres.

“I lost my voice, and found my sound” Nu:klea

Nu:klea was working on a solo rap/singing album in early 2010. During the preparation period, he was struck down with a virus rendering him unable to speak for a month and medically forbidden to speak loudly, let alone sing or rap. Now on the mend but after losing his voice, due to this prolonged condition, Nu:klea set about making dubstep and drum ‘n’ bass to unleash his inner sound and creativity.

He has been ordered to limit talking and not sing or rap at all. As usual, lyricists and artists have a lot to say and Nu:klea is the same but he lets his music do the talking. He lost his voice, and found his sound.

Check out his debut track: ‘Kolkata Mong’

A dubstep banger of a track set to get you groovin  … The mix features snippets of vocals by Yvonne, with an original Indian‐style riff, driving beat, rocking guitars and wobbling bass.

The track was inspired by an event in an epic 1000 mile journey in a 2 stroke auto rickshaw (tuk tuk). The rally, for charity, took place along the east coast of India. With a top speed of 35 miles per hour, Nu:klea and his friends drove for 1 week. 80 km short of Kolkata, they ran into a monster traffic jam on the national highway and had to bed down for the night in a roadside motel. They hadn’t planned for this.

They were so close yet so far. Relaxing because they had nearly reached the destination, but anxious as they hadn’t quite. A chilled out tension in the air. That was the night of “Kolkata Mong.”


desi dubstep from friction

A track from the Bollywood movie “My Name Is Khan” done for the ‘Friction Lab’ feature on Bobby Friction’s BBC Asian Network show by Alexis K…

Really feeling this track, not your bog standard remix …

A mix done for Mistajams show that is a showcase of the Dubstep sound with a heavy Indo/Pak influence …

Mix Details (my ones to listen out for in bold)

  • Barbarix — Shiva Step (White)
  • Sukh Knight — Beneath Your Blouse (Tru Tigers)
  • The Love Theme — Indian Girl (Cottenmouth Remix) (Permanent Damage Records)
  • David Starfire — Cobra (Sub Swara Remix) (Six Degrees)
  • Radikal Guru — Kali (Moonshine Recordings)
  • Liquid Stranger — Hexed & Perplexed (High Chai Recordings)
  • Nuphlo — Homeland Insecurity (High Chai Recordings)
  • Rita Morar & Steve ‘Fingerz’ Carty — Rain (Monkey Dub Recordings)