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dr das // shadow war / red corridor / chandraya remix

I bring you the latest from the lab of Dr. Das First up, we have Shadow War, from the album Step into Dubizm (Part 1)where sets his trademark cyclical basslines against a backdrop of heavily manipulated, often distorted percussion loops.

The second track is “Red Corridor”. From “Sunadamala Vol 1″ album set. Originally written 2004. This version remixed 2011. The ‘sunadamala‘ is a lo fi Indian electronic raga sequencer or ‘lehera’ machine used mostly as a practice tool by classical vocalists and tabla players. Dr Das has fed the sound through filters and distortions and built basslines, drum and percussion patterns around it. Thus creating an album set based on eight different ragas in different rhythmic cycles.

Red Corridor” is named after the political term for the swathe of forest in India from W Bengal to Central India where “Naxalite” guerilla forces have been engaged in an insurrection against the Indian state for several decades. Many indigenous people, known in India as “Adivasis” have joined this army, including 90,000 women, having been displaced from their ancestral lands and forcibly dispossessed by mining companies backed up by army and police forces.

Finally a treat! … Dr Das has remixed “Chandraya” featuring the Sufi vocals of Sukhawat Ali Khan from the self titled album by San Francisco’s Dhamaal Sound System. Written by Janaka Selekta and Sukhawat Ali. First remixed 2004, this version 2010.


The Bant Singh Project + Remixes (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Word Sound PowerThe Bant Singh Project proudly presents 4 outstanding remixes from 4 unique producers: Dr Das, Subatomic Sound System, Nucleya, and Dubblestandart. Each track is interesting and powerful in different ways. I will be posting the story of this Legend, Bant Singh … very moving and inspirational too!

 Download the entire EP here for free: | FACEBOOK

NUCLEYA – The Bant Singh Project Remixed- Modern Days Slavery

New Delhi bass champion Nucleya delivers a slickly produced Mumbahton banger. Bant Singh‘s voice is harmonized, used as a lead, and transformed into an air horn above window rattling bass and a hard hitting dancefloor drums.

DUBBLESTANDART – The Bant Singh Project – Into the Fire (REMIX)

Vienna’s Dubblestandart build a context of soulful sub bass and live breakbeats for Bant Singh‘s son Jagmeet to spit the chorus on. Synthetic Indian melodies are interweaved with evolving atmospheric textures that are both suspenseful and uplifting.

SUBATOMIC SOUND SYSTEM – The Bant Singh Project – Modern Days Slavery (REMIX)

Slowed down vocals of “Modern Dayz : Slavery” collide with the beat from “Comrades” over a bed of tribal percussion. The result is raw, gritty, and potent. Subatomic Sound System takes us for a ride through his electronic dub laboratory with analog filters, distortions, and delay effects.

DR DAS – The Bant Singh Project – Into the Fire (REMIX)

Dr Das‘s massive of a remix stars a filthy swerving bass . Relentless Indian percussion, reverberated drum hits, and synth-ska stabs circle around the voices of Bant Singh and Delhi Sultanate in a dub-noise tornado.


I love Kerieva‘s voice! its beautiful, passionate and intense!

Having a split Manouche (‘Gypsy’) and Irish lineage, Kerieva’s musical palette creates a rich soundscape reflecting her heritage within her contemporary surroundings.

Her latest album ‘Stand Aside’ released 2010, sees her alighted at a new destination, where traditional sounds and percussion interact with electronic beats, textures and beautifully layered strings. Heavily featured are, Indo-jazz clarinettist Arun Ghosh, who provides a melodic counterfoil to her soaring vocals and Dr Das, co-founder and original bassist of Asian Dub Foundation, who supplies his trademark heavyweight dub sound.

Kerieva regularly collaborates with other artists and producers. She works closely with Steve Chandra Savale (AKA Chandrasonic), she will be guest vocalist on the latest Asian Dub Foundation album, due for release early 2011.

The live show – ESCAPADE will push creative and musical boundaries further. It is a weekly musical adventure and experimental jail-break of a night consisting of a live band, visuals, DJ’s and guest artists.

Escapade will be held every Thursday, starting from 20th January 2011 (FREE ADMISSION)

This show has an unmissable launch night line up! Guests include:

  • SANCHITA FARRUQUE (ex Nitin Sawhney, Trilok Gurtu, Shri and Swati Natekar)
  • COCO VARMA (AKA: Earthtribe : Sitarfunk : Eastatic)
  • POULOMI DESAI (Usurp Gallery)
  • NIKKI LUCAS (Future Fusion)

Location: THE OAK BAR Corner of Green Lanes and Leconfield Road. Nearest tube: Manor House (Piccadilly Line) Buses 341 or 141 towards Newington Green or bus 73 from Tottenham Court Road / Kings Cross or Angel

INFO LINE +44 (0) 7989 978 362 | Facebook Group


Bassist/performer/producer Dr Das is one of the founder members of Asian Dub Foundation (ADF), which developed out of a youth music workshop he was running at London based music organization CM in 1993. He left ADF at the end of 2005 to resume his exploration of dub related experimental music and engage in new collaborations.

Dr Das’s debut solo album EMERGENCY BASSLINES (2006) is an instrumental set where his trademark bass melodies guide you through a dense jungle of distorted Indian percussion. The overall sound is both militant and optimistic, reflecting a world in a state of flux.

Fast forward to now and we have NEW tracks from a live set, which are taken from 2 unreleased albums.

Some of the tracks are about are about to here are to be released as downloads by an Italian label called Elastica who are a successful dubstep label.

They’ve also commissioned some of their producers to do dubstep versions of these tracks, and as soon as they’re out, you’ll hear about them here … first!!!

Dr. Das on MySpace:

Check it out: 11 tracks (they will play one after the other, alternatively click on the link below!)