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After nearly six years away pursuing solo projects, Sean Dinsmore and Niraj Chag have joined forces again – this time in Shanghai, China – and begun work on a new DDP album of music influenced by the area that represents the new frontier between China and India: Yunnan, Xinjiang, Tibet, Nepal, Shillong, Sikkim and Bhutan (to name a few).

The first single ‘Shillong Special’ features the soaring vocals of 17 year old Ibarisha Lyngdoh, the lead soprano of the Shillong Chamber Choir in India. The musical bed is led by a haunting line on a Xinjiang instrument called a Dutar – that seems to cry of the ages.

It’s the usual ethnic mash-up from DDP, and a definite nod to their first two studio albums.

As always, ‘It’s got a great beat and you can meditate to it!’

Release date April 26th iTunes, Amazon, etc.

Produced by Sean Dinsmore and Niraj Chag for DDP

Engineered by Kyle Ching

Cuts by Kyle Ching AKA DJ Sickstar

why can’t love? …

Named after a track by a Tribe called Quest, the Mid-2008 saw the1shanti, member of the Dum Dum Project (DDP) team up with Shefali Kumar to form Bonita Applebum.

I’m actually not a big fan of the conventional Hip Hop, but this is something pretty damn cool. Its unique, you can hear their efforts to spread a positive message through music, leaving out all the unnecessary vulgarity incorporated in this genre today.

Bonita Applebum use an organic blend of Hip-Hop, electronic dance music and international influence which were all factored in creating their release: Why can’t love.

Check it out: