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Bassist/performer/producer Dr Das is one of the founder members of Asian Dub Foundation (ADF), which developed out of a youth music workshop he was running at London based music organization CM in 1993. He left ADF at the end of 2005 to resume his exploration of dub related experimental music and engage in new collaborations.

Dr Das’s debut solo album EMERGENCY BASSLINES (2006) is an instrumental set where his trademark bass melodies guide you through a dense jungle of distorted Indian percussion. The overall sound is both militant and optimistic, reflecting a world in a state of flux.

Fast forward to now and we have NEW tracks from a live set, which are taken from 2 unreleased albums.

Some of the tracks are about are about to here are to be released as downloads by an Italian label called Elastica who are a successful dubstep label.

They’ve also commissioned some of their producers to do dubstep versions of these tracks, and as soon as they’re out, you’ll hear about them here … first!!!

Dr. Das on MySpace:

Check it out: 11 tracks (they will play one after the other, alternatively click on the link below!)