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stormy weather EP // gods robots [FREE DOWNLOAD]

GODS ROBOTS – a dynamic blend of world class songwriting, energetic stage performance, cutting edge technology and old school musicianship. The duo’s stage show unites original songs with Taamara delivering a powerful combination of english lyrics with nuanced classical India stylings alongside Janaka Selekta‘s hard hitting riddims dubbed from his multi-channel electronics platform. Improvisation is a key element of GODS ROBOTS as they move seamlessly from their original songs to a DJ dance format and back again. High energy and LIVE.

STORMY WEATHER their EP with a seamless blend of catchy English lyrics, classical Indian instrumentation and underground rhythms defines the unique GODS ROBOTS sound.

It is the sound of an infinitely interconnected world where borders are becoming increasing meaningless. Elements of drumstep, dubstep, hip hop, dub and even drum n bass shine as singer Taamara effortlessly moves from soulful and bluesy English lyrics to classical Indian vocal melodies. Their upcoming album especially produced for Bittorrent features virtuoso Sarod player Alam Khan in a rare non-classical Indian music context and Mike Pipes on flute and guitar.




FALLING Ft. Alam Khan






shammi pithia // paredolia e.p. [review]

When I heard Shammi was producing a new E.P. naturally I was stoked. The musician who crafted “Cinema for the Ears E.P.” and debut album “Audio Descriptive” was on his next venture.

His latest E.P titled “Paredolia” is composed of six tracks, each individually bringing a different story to the ears leaving the listener to find their own meaning of the music.

“Switch” introduces the E.P with a somewhat dark sound but 22 seconds in, the equation is balanced with the elegant Bansuri. Naturally these sounds wouldn’t work together but on this track they manifest a harmonious contradiction. As the director Shekhar Kapoor said “if you take contradictions away there would be no creativity.” As the Bansuri dances majestically with its dark bassline partner, the vocals of Rita Morar give it that defining human emotion.

This is soon followed by the title track of the E.P “Paredolia.” A beautiful track introduced by the humble piano married with deep bass and the constant thread that weaves the story of this record together – the Bansuri. It’s an excursion of the two instruments that does not need words to tell the story – the feeling it draws out says it all.

To counter the soothing vibes of the previous track, Shammi launches into “Thanks to a Busker” an Indo-Latino number with the help of the fabulous vocalists Ambika Jois and Ash King – a very romantic flamenco style track with funky bass lines, sexy guitar riffs.

On to the fourth track “Taareyan di Chaan” – meaning Shade of the stars is an abstract poetic song about longing to meet a lover sang in entirely in Punjabi. Japjit Kaur graces us with her gorgeous and elegant voice giving the track a contemporary yet folksy feel.

The penultimate track, “True” is one composed entirely of strings. The polite yet playful sounds of the Cello, Violin and Guitar really give that old fashion warm feeling to the track. It reminded me of some of the work done by Michael Giacchino on the TV programme LOST, really capturing the moments of happiness and truth – something Shammi does very well here – an unadulterated melt of sublime soundscapes.

Finally we come to a “Sweet Nothings (Phaeleh Remix)” – and what a way to end the E.P! Phaeleh, the Bristol based prolific producer has his way with “Sweet Nothings” as featured on the “Audio Descriptive” album. This is a track where the affable vocals of Japjit Kaur, Bansuri and the dark melodies of downtempo electronica melt together into a beautiful frenzy.

Shammi Pithia, has the ability to absorb the sights, sounds and influences around him and translate them to what we hear, giving each string, raga, chord, beat and baseline a purpose in the grand scheme of things. If you liked any of his previous work you will adore “Paredolia”.

Available to purchase from | Juno Download

nada:brahma rating 4.5/5

Previews below:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

the glitch mob // we can make the world stop [OUT NOW]

One of my favourite bands, The Glitch Mob have a brand new EP out called “We Can Make The World Stop”. This is the first piece of original music they have released since “Drink The Sea.”

The EP comprises of three tracks: The self titled, We Can Make The World Stop, Warrior Concerto and Palace of the Innocents.

dark matter – behind the scenes

Check this video out – its the behind the scenes of Anuj Rastogi‘s DARK MATTER EP which was released last year (JULY 2009)

A 26 minute long EP that playing around with dubstep characteristics like mad basslines and smashing it with Indian vocals and instruments harmonically.

One of the tracks from DARK MATTER EP (and my favourite) DARTH VEDA

Code Blue ft. Dr. J (Dark Matter EP)

B.R.E.E.D on high chai recordings 26-Jul-10

Long before any DJ in India went international, Ritesh  D’souza aka B.R.E.E.D aka DJ Nasha decided to  pitch his tent with the leading underground dance  movements in the UK and the US.

Constantly introducing new sounds to  India, B.R.E.E.D has performed at internationally-  acclaimed music festivals like Burning Man in Nevada  and the Sunburn festival in Goa.

B.R.E.E.D’s remix of Jalebee Cartel’s “Mirrors” (Nu asian soundZ, High Chai Recordings), raced to number 10 on Beatport’s Top 100 Dubstep charts in January 2010.

With sets that involve the use of different midi controllers, FX processors, samplers and the art of turntablism, setting B.R.E.E.D apart as a new, genre-defying producer and live frequency-tweaking DJ. A commitment to keeping it fresh at every gathering!

A new EP on High Chai Recordings will feature an original B.R.E.E.D burner “Sound Killer” and a remix of Juakali’s Come from Yard” (original version appearing on Kush Arora’s Dreadbass Chronicles – Kush Arora Productions).

So up for grabs is a FREE DOWNLOAD – a special Midtempo/Glitch mix promoting the new B.R.E.E.D single releasing exclusively on Beatport on July 26th, 2010 on High Chai Recordings.

Mirko-Kosmos – MK (NEW EP+OZ files) FREE DOWNLOAD

My good friend Mirko is back after working away crafting an album and EP. Inspired from his trip down under, Mirko has produced a nine track album filled with resonance of OZ. Not only that, he has also included links to the videos he has created for the tracks. Multi talented!

Some serious kosmic mashup!


Download OZ Files

The EP consists of seven tracks with some influences from the orient together with trip hop, break beats and more kosmic cocktails!


Download MK EP


In the run up to the release of Janaka Selekta‘s debut album Pushing Air on 06/07/10, ChaiWalla’s Boombox is offering 5 glorious tracks to download for free … But only for the next 7 DAYS!!!

Follow the link and Check it out:

Do not miss out, as I mentioned in my previous post, you will not be disappointed!

secret archives of the vatican + CHILLOM Records set

Hey people two more great downloads for you today!

The Secret Archives of the Vatican are back with another great EP to download called Wisdom Truth all about sufis, saints, flying carpets and wise men… you’re gonna enjoy it!


Second download for today is by CHILLOM Records – TribesKitchen which is CHILLOM Records latest concept of a monthly a killer 1 – 1.30 hour mix, in which they features the music that they find hot & like to share with us all!

Kickstarting this series is their 1st episode in which the style is CHILLOM Records very own signature Uplifting , Melodic , Euphoric Tech driven brand of Trance !! It contains a classic section as well – Classic Kitchen where they visits a classic Trance track & incorporate it with the latest in Trance & Progressive


News: DJ Pathaan Gig and Fusing Naked Beats

Good People!

I have two news items for you.

Firstly the musical globetrotter is back with a new night, bringing you the latest sounds from across the world – the best in Global Beats, Eclectic Grooves & Asian Chill.. This is CITY HIPPY with Pathaan.

More details check out: mypace | twitter

Fusing Naked Beats:

A few weeks back they supplied a special D&B mix on Radio 1 a few weeks back featuring exclusive tracks.

Don’t worry if you missed it, you can go directly to our new FNB website to listen back to it, just scroll down on the news section.


Fusing Naked Beats new EP titled ‘Crystal City’ is available to download today

from iTunes and all other well known digital stores. Please support and download it.

susheela raman’s ‘INVOCATION’ EP – FREE DOWNLOAD

“Susheela Raman is that rarity: a true innovator.”
The Guardian

As one of the leading artists and pre-eminent vocalists to emerge from the Asian Diaspora builds towards the releasing of a new album, here’s a rare unreleased five track EP to download for free!!

The EP also consists of Waiting in Vain – A fantastic rendition of Bob Marley‘s Waiting in Vain collaborated with Karsh Kale.

The new album’s main references are based on ancient Tamil religions and culture, marginalised and downplayed by the mainstream culture in India and an intense sort of rough post-punk sound with added Indian violin, played with passionate verve by Kumar Raghunathan and masterful percussion by long-time collaborator, tabla guru Aref Durvesh.

Free EP Download “Invocation”

Susheela Rama Website | Facebook Group

SUSHEELA RAMAN ‘INVOCATION’ EP. 5 RARE AND UNRELEASED TRACKS: FREE DOWNLOAD. dear friends, is our new platform, as we build toward release of our new album… hope you enjoy the e.p. which features magdalene/waiting in vain/in the pines/mamavatu & same song (live)/paalum teliternum. please share it around. xx Susheela