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nitin sawhney interview // the new statesman

A nice to the point interview with Nitin Sawhney by Samira Shackle, The NEW STATESMAN.




anuj rastogi // artists for nonviolence [EXCLUSIVE]

Folks, got another exclusive for you from Canada by my brother, Anuj Rastogi. He was interviewed by a few weeks ago. The subject is peace and love, and touches on the question whether artists play a role in providing compassionate messages for all mankind regardless of faith, colour and creed.

Anuj draws on his experiences as an artist and his responsibility in communicating thoughts and emotions through music. Plus, there’s a few glimpses into Anuj’s new album which is under way.

A deep and thought provoking 15 mins interview – a must watch!

Interview by: (, and the new Artists online community “Vital Voices” (

Doublethink: Interview with Akala

An interview with the MOBO Award-winning hip-hop artist, Akala, whose latest album, Doublethink, is inspired by Orwell’s 1984, Zamyatin’s We and Huxley’s Brave New World. Akala talks to Orwell Prize administrator, Gavin Freeguard, about Orwell, Doublethink, language, Shakespeare, and the politics of hip-hop.

Interview recorded at the Southbank Centre on 5th August 2010.

Interview with Akala – Part 1

Interview with Akala – Part 2

Interview with Akala – Part 3

Interview with Akala – Part 4


Two highlight tracks on his album:

Akala – Find No Enemy

Akala – Yours And My Children – (single out 12Oct10)

High Chai on Fairtilizer

My good friends from High Chai Recordings have been featured on the FAIRTILIZER blog! Check out the interview with the man himself dimmSummer.

Heres a quick snippet:

How did High Chai Recordings get started? What have been the biggest highlights since the label’s debut in the Asian/left-field electronica scene?
Dimm: Actually HCR is a reincarnation of High Chai Records which was launched in 1998 by DK/Bollygirl, with collaborative 12” releases with Ming & FS and their Madhattan Studios label. Together they released OmZone’s Tantra which was featured on Raymond Roker’s Altered …..

Click here to read the rest of the interview and listen to a Super Sonic Exclusive mix by dimmSummer …

Also check out the ethnotechno online radio