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transglobal underground/krupa @ eastern electronic festival

A couple of weeks ago at SHAANTI’s Eastern Electronic Festival, sandwiched between two great acts, SWAMI and The Nasha Experience was Transglobal Underground (TGU). God knows why had I not seen them live before? They were incredible!

For the past two decades TGU have been making people tap their toes and bop their heads to their invigorating pulsating beats merged multicultural influences from across the world. On the night, the set was led by Tim Whelan with Hamid Mantu on Drum Gurjit Sihra on Dhol and lead vocals provided by Krupa.

Old and new material was performed including the rhythmically infectious “Drums of Navarone” featuring some extraordinary interplay between drummer and dhol player resulting in some magnificent and thunderous sounds!

Drums of Navarone

The track that really got my attention was “Emotional YoYo” (from the album “Moonshout”) sang by Krupa. It was an impressive display of formidable stage presence combined vocal energy that really brought the track alive. I watched people faces as she performed; we were left speechless in admiration. The last time I saw this sort of reaction, I was at London’s Southbank Centre watching Shaa’ir n Func.

Krupa’s dynamic vocal prowess is all about injecting character into the words, colouring them with a healthy dose of playfulness and vigour. As a friend put it she’s “Gwen Stefani on crack. Her style is super quirky and she has more energy than an energiser bunny.”

Emotional YoYo

Krupa also performed “Ridiculous Boy” her soon to be released single from her forthcoming debut album “Wonder IF the Moon”.

Ridiculous Boy

My Favourite: Wonder IF the Moon

I’ll be keeping you informed of TGU and Krupa releases.

Stay connected with both on:

Links: KRUPA



Polaroid 85 @ eastern electronic festival (FREE EP)

During the week long event of Shaanti’s Eastern Electronic Festival, I got to witness some really awesome acts. On the Thursday, Shammi Pithia and Polaroid 85 performed. Shammi Pithia you already know. I’m a massive fan of him and reported on his gigs and albums.

However Polaroid 85,  are a new band on the scene who I;ve never seen perform before. They’re a London based 7 piece collective consisting of vocals, piano, drums, bass, cello, violin, clarinet and samples/synths/live electronics. Making music that fuses down-tempo / electronica with classical, folk, jazz and world rhythms with influences of drum and bass, dubstep and broken beat.

They have a FREE EP out – titled FUZZY MORNINGS, beautiful, fresh and exciting!


Check out FUZZY Mornings:

Go Ahead:

Awesome stuff! Respect to Sharnita for bringing these guys to Birmingham!


Shaanti 11: Eastern Electronic Festival 2011

Folks! Some awesome news for you … I am please to inform you that the first ever festival of progressive asian music in Birmingham will taking place.

On 28 February – 5 March 2011, Shaanti 11 a non-profit organisation launches the Eastern Electronic Festival, a major new arts festival. The six day festival is packed full of film and music offerings including an explosive citywide music programme, art exhibitions, panel debates and world premieres of visual-artworks at various venues across Birmingham.

The Eastern Electronic Festival uniquely programs ambitious and high quality line-ups featuring plenty of electronic visual experimentation with quality music performances by British Asian artists, both locally and overseas, and from traditional to contemporary exploration.

Travels of a Asian Rock-Star- Exclusive Artwork by SKA for the Festival

The festival commemorates and introduces some of the artists of the future in the West Midlands and international arenas with its own unique bill, which will also include some surprising acts and exceptional performances of the highest quality. Throughout the festival UK artists also come together to begin the process of creating new collaborative work across special designed events.

There is an ALMIGHTY line up for this event names include:


  • Drum ‘n’ Bass producer from East London Sukh Knight,
  • Rapper V-Don,
  • Ranvir Verma from Universal Taal Project,
  • Bhupinder (Violinist),
  • Kamaljeet Ajimal (Santoor- Indian stringed musical instrument),
  • Greg Rowlson (Drums),
  • Sanchita Farruque,
  • Swati Naketar,
  • Midlands-based producer Juttla,
  • Nona Kaira (Singer),
  • Righ Rolla (Drums),
  • Sticky Fingers (Tabla),
  • International contemporary dancer Nanoo,
  • Former Asian Dub Foundation member Pandit G presents A.G.N.I – Angry Generations Needs Inspiration,
  • Midland’s guitar based band Khaliq,
  • Folk/Electronica & Drum and Bass band Neeta,
  • Shammi Pithia & Flux whose hybrid of sounds includes Western and Indian Classical/Folk, Jazz, popular and urban music.
  • Ministry of Dhol,
  • Panjabi By Nature,
  • Fluid
  • Nameless
  • Saxophone player Trav ‘saXingh’ Panesar
  • Featuring work by film director Mandeep Singh Juttla,
  • Live-music photographer Gobinder Jhitta,
  • VJ-Visual artists Coco Edwards,
  • Contemporary conceptual artist Kulwinder Bajar.
  • Multi-instrumentalist Renu Hossain,
  • Bhangra Singer Regi,
  • Jazz artists Nishad and vocalist and songwriter Sonia Panesar,
  • Hindi vocalist Rita Morar,
  • Sitar player Kiranjit Dharni
  • DJ Chann

Closer to the time I will be updating you with the events in date order with details of venues times and all that jazz. For the time being check out the facebook group with will give you the information you need.

For more information on the Eastern Electronic Festival, event prices, line-up and announcements, visit


28 Feb – 3 March FREE. Avoid Queues by Pre-booking your place by email or txt 07968 260276.

Friday 4 February (The Factory, Space 2), £10.00 Advance Tickets, More at the door.

Saturday 5 February (The Hockley), £10, 00, More at the Door.

Weekend Golden Ticket £18.00, Entry for Friday 4 March – Space 2, The Factory & Saturday 5 March – The Hockley.

ONLINE TICKETS: 0844 870 0000 and 0871 855 30 69 and at various venues across the West Midlands.

FURTHER INFO: (e) (t) 07968260276/ 07968 366878 (w)