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Futurestates // Beholder by Nisha Ganatra

Over in America, there’s a compelling science fiction series, FUTURESTATES, which is back with another collection of highly innovative independent mini-features. These features delve into our possible future through the kaleidoscope of our modern world.

Beholder is the latest film from Nisha Ganatra, director of Chutney Popcorn whose original score was composed and produced by Karsh Kale. This is a new venture for the director; she has taken a step from doing comedy orientated films, such as Chutney Popcorn and Cake featuring Heather Graham to now Science Fiction.

You’ll find Beholder is a thought provoking film, based on the subject of reproductive technology. Beholder takes you on an internal journey of Sasha, an expecting mother and wife of a rising political star Bobby Aryana. After a routine check up, Sasha discovers that the foetus is a carrier of the “Gay Gene”, the immediate course of action is to be inoculated to prevent any evolution of homosexuality in later life. Sasha’s predicament, does she take the inoculation, keeping her personal life and her husband’s public life intact or does she chose to let it be, sacrificing so much more.

Two US based composers who join forces to create an atmosphere that will take you on a journey with Sasha. First is Andrew Lockington, who has worked on many feature films that we all have heard of – Journey to the Centre of the Earth and Tom Hanks produced “City of Ember.” Second is Michael White, a Canadian trumpet player, arranger, and composer for film and television, who has most notably written the Oscar winning animated film Ryan by Chris Landreth but also working on big named films such as; X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Déjà vu.

This tag team effort by Andrew and Michael allows you to feel what Sasha feels. The score really takes helps you to connect with the character, evoking emotions that will whisk you on highs and lows with her as on some level; we have all been through a struggle of either wanting to fit in or to stand out.

Watch the episode here:

Beholder will be screening at the Indian Film Festival of Los Festival at the prestigious Arclight Hollywood. The film will also be screened during the Tribeca Film Festival in a special screening hosted by Tribeca All Access. The screening is on Saturday April 23rd at 2:30PM @ the Clearview Cinemas in Chelsea.