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east meets west // mumford & sons and dharohar project

When someone refers to an East meets West collaboration, I normally think about electronica, fusing elements of eastern instruments with techno, drum’n’bass or dubstep.

But not this time! … The English quartet, Mumford and Sons together with their touring partner and Mercury-Prize winner Laura Marling engaged on a true musical cultural exchange.

They engage in an immense collaborate with a nine member collective of Rajasthani musicians, based in Delhi, known as The Dharohar Project.

For those of you who have heard of/are a fan of Mumford and Sons, you’ll be familiar with their sounds – the affectionate and lively double bass, bango and accordion backed folk music. Now picture this united with traditional folk music of Rajasthan – the soaring male and female vocals, energetic drums and stunning lyrics.

When I first heard this EP, the tracks literally gave me goosebumps – I’ve never heard anything like this! Its intense, passionate, vibrant and most of all – the music transcends languages … what a collaboration!

Devil’s Spoke / Sneh Ko Marg

Mehendi Rachi

Anmol Rishtey

To Darkness / Kripa