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Everywhere + Nowhere // interviews + podcasts by nerm chauhan

OK, so I kind of missed the boat on this one due to studying and work. But better late than never right?

In May 2011 – Director of Kidulthood, Mehnaj Huda released his latest film – Everywhere + Nowhere. Over the course of that month, Nerm Chauhan – Musical Consultant of the film released three podcasts and three interviews with artists involved in contributing to this project.

Fabulous selection of music! … nuff respect nerm!

1) The first interview and podcast is with The Nasha Experience and True Tiger‘s Sukh Knight.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

2) The second is with Shiva Soundsystem‘s very own D-Code.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

3) And finally the man behind The Engine-Earz ExperimentPrashant Mistry.


Vodpod videos no longer available.


September 2010 Mix :: Tempests by Nerm

Good citizens – Nerm is back with a fabulous podcast for September – a stellar line up of tracks – you wont be disappointed with!

Listen to on Mixcloud

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01 V.I.V.E.K – Natural Mystic (On The Edge)
02 Moderat – Nr. 22 (Bpitch Control)
03 Sharmaji – Qalandar (Low Motion)
04 Magnetic Man – The Bug (Columbia)
05 Squarepusher – Red Hot Car (Warp)
06 Commix – Be True (Burial Remix) (Metalheadz)
07 Alicia Keys and Jay Z – Empire State Of Mind (Karsh Kale Remix) (Dub)
08 Blu Mar Ten – Believe Me (Bop Remix) (Blu Mar Ten)
09 Commix – Midas Touch (Soul:R)
10 Royalston – Glitchbitch (Med School)
11 Loadstar – Link To The Past (Ram Records)
12 Noisia – Square Feet (Vision)
13 Justice and Metro – Solomon (Modern Urban Jazz)
14 Reso – Technetium (Civil)
15 Subterra – Loro Piceno (Dub)
16 Prince – She’s Always In My Hair (Warner)
17 Nerm & D-Code vs Orifice Vulgatron (Foreign Beggars) – Fray (Mental Martians Remix) (Shiva Soundsystem)
18 Sleigh Bells – Run The Heart (Bassnectar Remix) (Dub)
19 501 – Living Colour (Dub)
20 Sub Swara – Bend You (Sub Swara)
21 Foreign Beggars feat Graziella – Keepin The Line Fat (Planas 2Step Remix)
22 The Kominas – Choli

nerm and d-code takeover

Tuesday was an momentous occasion … why? well its in the title 🙂

Shiva Soundsystem’s Nerm Chauhan and D-Code were back on the BBC, taking over the air waves once more. This time on BBC1 covering for Nihal.

t’Was a jam packed mother of a show Listen to it here – but only for a few more days

Two awesome mixes caught the attention of my ears, the first one by dimmSummer of Ethnotechno & HighChaiRecordings featuring 15 tracks in 5 mins … let those piece of cartilage hanging off your head soak up the vibez

dimmSummer BBC Radio1 MEGAMIX

Track Listing:

gorillaz :: stylo -feat. mos def & bobby womack [virgin]
david starfire :: tumbi blaster -feat. iCatching [high chai]
juakali :: come from yard -B.R.E.E.D remix [high chai]
nuphlo :: soul safari [high chai]
knight rider theme [silva screen]
state of bengal :: skip-ij (sub swara bash cadence remix) [high chai]
goonda :: fearless -feat. mc zulu (riddemkillah remix) [high chai]
anuj rastogi :: grasshopper (slugstep remix) [high chai]
nuphlo :: cassiopeia [high chai]
B.R.E.E.D :: sound killer [high chai]
nuphlo :: homeland insecurity [high chai]
liquid stranger :: hexed & perplexed -feat. deeyah [high chai]
liquid stranger :: fist of fury [high chai]
radiohiro :: i am that i am [high chai]
karsh kale :: sunbeam -feat vishal vaid [high chai]

Now that I’ve got your ears twitching for more, next up is the mix by Osmani Soundz (The Nasha Experience)
Osmani Soundz (The Nasha Experience) -5min Megamix
Track Listing :
Vengeance – Ges-e & Sukh Knight (NASHA RECORDS)
KnightLife – Sukh Knight (NASHA RECORDS)
Harappa – The Nasha Experience (NASHA RECORDS)
Technology – The Nasha Experience (NASHA RECORDS)
Distortion – Shahin Badder Feat The Nasha Experience (NASHA RECORDS)
Gabba Wasp – Sukh Knight (NASHA RECORDS)
Foghorn – Shandy (NASHA RECORDS)
Narnia – The Nasha Experience (NASHA RECORDS)
Cop Killer – Sukh Knight (NASHA RECORDS)
Wrong Number – Gunmaster G9 / Pyarelal (NASHA RECORDS)
The Calling – Ges-e & Osmani Soundz (NASHA RECORDS)
Dayam – The Nasha Experience & Swati Natekar (NASHA RECORDS)
So Gaya Hain – Ges-e & Equal-i (NASHA RECORDS)
Distant Dream – Ges-e & Shandy (NASHA RECORDS)
Disciple – Nuphlo (NASHA RECORDS)
Lushmeena – Osmani Soundz (NASHA RECORDS)

nerms back …


Nerm Chauhan of Shiva Soundsystem is back with a new podcast for the month of June (released in July :))

A fabulous mix filled with a range of music from BLU MAR TEN, FOREIGN BEGGARS to TALVIN SINGH, MAGNETIC MAN and DEXCELL. There are two versions to download. One with him chatting all over it and the second with just the music!

To catch more of Nerms latest music and events check

Download Mix

Download Podcast

Click here to subscribe in iTunes. The XML file is here.

►►►Nerm Mix/Podcast June 2010 :: Summer Ghosts

01 The Beatles – Tomorrow Never Knows (Apple/EMI)
02 Le Castle Vania – Nobody Gets Out Alive! (Noisia Remix) (Always Ever/So Sweet)
03 Zinc – Nexx (Zinc Music)
04 Jack Beats – Out Of Body (Cheap Thrills)
05 MIA – XXXO (SBTRKT Remix)
06 Jahcoozi – Barefoot Wanderer (Object Object & Raw Milk Remix) (Bpitch Control)
07 Foreign Beggars – No Holds Barred (Goth Trad Remix) (Dented)
08 Plan B – Prayin’ (Breakage’s Bad Week Remix)
09 Magnetic Man – MAD (Columbia)
10 Foreign Beggars vs Chasing Shadows – Typhoon (Never Say Die/Dented)
11 Massive Attack – Risingson (Bassnectar Bootleg) (Dub)
12 Ges-e & Nuphlo – Mousetrap 2 (Nasha Records)
13 Culture Shock – Bad Red (Ram Records)
14 Joe Syntax – Transducer (Dub)
15 B-Complex – Beautiful Lies VIP (Hospital)
16 Xilent – Twice (Tongue Flap)
17 Amoss – We All Grow (Dub)
18 Kava Kava – Clarity (B-Complex Remix) (Chocolate Fire Guard)
19 Magnetic Man – I Need Air (Digital Soundboy Remix) (Columbia)
20 Ketz – Black Orchid (Dub)
21 Undersound – All Seeing (Dub)
22 Dexcell – Lounge (Dub)
23 Bulb – Cruelty Support (Dub)
24 Blu Mar Ten – Overwhelm (Seba Remix) (Blu Mar Ten)
25 Talvin Singh – Butterfly (Bastido Cartel Remix) (Dub)

raj:reload part 3

After a short break it was time for an unforgettable audio experience. Watching and posting their “BBC Introducing” vids blogging about these guys over the past few months, Oh how I have waited for this!!

Engine Earz Experiment: Myspace|Facebook

Featuring Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, Shahid Abbas Khan, Jenna G and Lena Cullen – it was the fantabulous Engine Earz Experiment.


This 30 minute set drove the crowd insane, with their fusing of indigenous musics from around the world all covered in dark dubstep and unforgiving basslines that really shakes your core. Playing favourites like Lucky By Design, OHM, Reach You featuring Lena Cullen. Not forgetting the infamous putting them on the map track – Kaliyuga: for the first time two studios versions were merged into one explosive performance with English vocals provided by Jenna G and Indian vocals by Abi Sampanthan.

*                                                                                           *

The crowd went fanatical when Introspector was performed with Nathan “Flutebox” Lee. Right now I’m having trouble describing what it was like as you just had to experience in the moment.


Not only was this set about the music, but the stunning visuals that were displayed went hand in hand with every track, each millisecond felt like it went through a well thought out process giving each and every track and visual a deeper meaning that we think. Hats off to you Prash and the crew!

PHEW! … by this time you’d think that was it but wait there’s more, Nathan “Flutebox” Lee and the Clinic an astounding array of talented musicians were up. They provided an acoustic display of explosive blend of musical elements like Hip Hop, Drum ‘n’ bass with Western, Indian classical and Funk melodies, definitely one spellbinding act. A guest appearance was made by Mayur Narvekar aka Bandish Projekt. He joined Flutebox for a wiked jamming session, a teaser to what I was to witness the next day!!! PHOWAAR!!


My night finished here. I had to catch the last train back to North London. I was gutted, I didn’t get to see the jam with Chandrasonic and Marty Savale from Asian Dub Foundation and Nerms closing set.

I had a truly magnificent night, it was intense, immense and incredible. For those who missed out, it was an experience worth going through to discover new and diverse music.

Thank you Ash Chandola (Director of Swaraj Music) and Southbank! Hope to see more of these events in the future!

* pics taken by David Reffell

deep-spiritual-bass (osmani soundz dj mix 1) 18-10-09

Guardian of the Spiritual Master Key – Osmani Soundz brings you a mix done for BBC Asian Network’s Electro East hosted by Nerm Chauhan.

Track Listing:

Osmani Soundz – Spiritual Masterkey (Omni / Island Records)
Osmani Soundz – OS System original mix (White)
The Nasha Experience – 100 Colours (Nasha Records)
Inside Info – Sound was Golden (Critical Music)
Osmani Soundz – Lushmeena (Nasha Records)
Big Bud – White Widow (Sound Trax)
Stranjah – 40 days (White)
Hard Rockers – 68 (Nasha Records)
Ges-e / Osmani Soundz – The Calling (Morphy Refix) (White )
The Nasha Experience – Harappa (Nasha Records)
Shahin Badar Feat The Nasha Experience – Distortion (White)
The Nasha Experience – Flyer Manz (Nasha Records)
The Nasha Experience – Clotted Cream (Nasha Records)
Shandy – Foghorn (White)
The Nasha Experience – Banzuki (White)