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Om Unit vs Kromestar – Solar Cycle/Merkabah [out now]

OM Unit – an electronic musician created sounds and beats to that has captured the minds music fanatics has teamed up with Kromestar. Who is is responsible for a lengthy string of solid sub-bass Dubstep releases, including the legendary “Kalawanji” (Deep Medi) and his highly acclaimed LP “My sound” amongst others. He is widely regarded as a dubstep pioneer


Get your free download of Merkabah DUB here

What OM Unit said:

 “I took this collaboration as a green light to start my own imprint for side projects to my own stuff. The name speaks for itself, just have a listen, we hope you enjoy” The collaboration came about when Om Unit heard new Kromestar material being played on Rinse fm by DJ Jay 5ive, dubs were exchanged with mutual support. What started out as a casual exchange has culminated into something far more profound. Eager ears could do worse than to watch Cosmic Bridge closely this year.

This sonic exploration is worth a check out!

Available as of 11th July via exclusively as of 11th July on 12″ vinyl with free digital download or digital download exclusively.

25th July in all other stores.


Got a nada:brahma EXCLUSIVE for you guys!

Following the success of Globetronica vols 1 and 2, Pathaan is back with a new compilation album titled and inspired by his BBC radio show, Musical Rickshaw.

The album is a true reflection of the show but sounds nothing like any of his previous comps. Over 2 CD’s, Pathaan takes the listener on a music pilgrimage of earth shaking bass, boom-bastic eclectic world beats & ecstatic dance rhythms.

CD1 has a warm welcoming bass shaking vibe that’s profoundly deep. From the first notes, the music touches you and makes you want to listen to the whole album in one go, like a good book that you simply cannot put aside. Ranging from known to unknown artists CD1 features upfront killa cuts from the likes of Warrior One, Riz MC, Detboi, Baaba Maal, Cornershop, OMFO, Dubterror, Midland, True Tiger and more.

On CD2 whilst we have more of the same, it’s very different to CD1 in sound and style. Featuring Mighty Mouse, Culprit 1, Shir Khan, Om Unit, Ancient Astronauts, Adam Freeland, Klute, Bandish Projekt; the list goes on.

Musical Rickshaw with Pathaan is a hub of exciting, multi-genre grooves that represents the fabulous spirit of transnational musical collaboration.

Definitely worth a buy! Just a few of the gems featured on the album:

Riz MC – Get On It (True Tiger Remix):

Sunrise in Injumbakam (Pathaan’s Tribute Remix) sample:

Nuphlo “Karma Than Calm”: