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‘primal odyssey’ by indojazzhead // arun ghosh

Out real soon is an album from a clarinettist, composer and indojazzhead – ARUN GHOSH. Ever since I saw him perform at the ALCHEMY FESTIVAL at SOUTHBANK in 2010, I’ve been following is work closely.

PRIMAL ODYSSEY is his next venture which is set to hit the shops on Oct 24th 2011.

If you’re not familiar with ARUN’s work – he and his sextet play music of South Asian origin with a contemporary jazz. ARUN is a prolific composer as well as a dynamic performer really bringing his performance alive!

Check out the teaser from his album PRIMAL ODYSSEY below.

ARUN is also playing at the Birmingham MAC … on Oct 29th

Performance from ALCHEMY FESTIVAL at SOUTHBANK 2010