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Nu:klea – “The Silent MC”

Known as the Silent MC, Nu:klea is the latest artist in my inbox. On Monday 2nd Aug ’10, Nu:klea was featured as one of the artists of Bobby Frictions show where his debut track ‘Kolkata Mong’ was aired.

Nu:klea – a DJ, MC, band backing singer, broadcaster, promoter and manager across a number of genres.

“I lost my voice, and found my sound” Nu:klea

Nu:klea was working on a solo rap/singing album in early 2010. During the preparation period, he was struck down with a virus rendering him unable to speak for a month and medically forbidden to speak loudly, let alone sing or rap. Now on the mend but after losing his voice, due to this prolonged condition, Nu:klea set about making dubstep and drum ‘n’ bass to unleash his inner sound and creativity.

He has been ordered to limit talking and not sing or rap at all. As usual, lyricists and artists have a lot to say and Nu:klea is the same but he lets his music do the talking. He lost his voice, and found his sound.

Check out his debut track: ‘Kolkata Mong’

A dubstep banger of a track set to get you groovin  … The mix features snippets of vocals by Yvonne, with an original Indian‐style riff, driving beat, rocking guitars and wobbling bass.

The track was inspired by an event in an epic 1000 mile journey in a 2 stroke auto rickshaw (tuk tuk). The rally, for charity, took place along the east coast of India. With a top speed of 35 miles per hour, Nu:klea and his friends drove for 1 week. 80 km short of Kolkata, they ran into a monster traffic jam on the national highway and had to bed down for the night in a roadside motel. They hadn’t planned for this.

They were so close yet so far. Relaxing because they had nearly reached the destination, but anxious as they hadn’t quite. A chilled out tension in the air. That was the night of “Kolkata Mong.”