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My Pet Dragon

From Brooklyn, New York comes a marvellous duo, My Pet Dragon. Actress/singer/dancer Reena Shah performs with her husband singer/songwriter/composer – Todd Michaelsen who encompasses gorgeous sounds of elements of rock, pop, electronica, folk and experimental music with a splash of Indian influences and melodic grooves.

Two separate incidences led me to My Pet Dragon. The first one, I was listening to Karsh Kale’s Dancing at Sunset from Broken English album when I came across the electrifying vocals of Todd Michaelsen. Never have I been so moved and absorbed by a male vocalist. It’s not only his soaring range but the sheer warmth you feel when you’re listening to him, sets him right apart from any other singer.

The second incident was when I watched Nina Paley’s award winning Sita Sings the Blues. Amazed by the soundtrack, it is Reena Shah who plays the voice of Sita and Todd composed the score for the film! For those who have seen it will know Reena’s voice is incredible, very melodic, soothing and filled with energy and creativity.

So a band with Reena and Todd backed bass player Mario Padron.  And our guitarist Vincent Mascolo and drummer Rajeev Maddela, you can imagine the pool talent contained in My Pet Dragon. In fact you don’t need to imagine, here’s their new single “Flow” (which also includes a cover of Pearl Jam’s “Release”).

Flow can be downloaded here for FREE!

The single also includes four remixes of “Flow” by Karsh Kale, Randolph Correia (Shaa’r + Func), Big Will and Mercury Rev’s Carlos Anthony Molina. (Karsh Kale mix is friggin’ awesome!)

Their other maxi single Lover In Hiding that features Danny Louis from Gov’t Mule, is made up of six tracks, four versions of “Lover In Hiding”. Also two other great songs, “Between Us” and “New Nation

My Pet Dragon has this beautiful feel good vibe, charming listeners with expressive lyrics and illustrious melodies – like giving your ears a hot bubble bath 🙂

Finally just a quick mention – Reena Shah is also starring in Ajay Naidu‘s film ASHES which I blogged not long ago!

Buy FLOW- Maxi Single hereBuy their first album here, FIRST BORN

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