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the transcendental connection …

Think Kula Shaker meets hip hop and you’re left with a pretty good idea of who Supersoul Connection are. A Slovenian band formed in 2007, led by RMD and Dhyan, their aim, to promote the message of tolerance, awareness and peace through intense lyrics with substance, all from a spiritual perspective.

Their debut album “Klik” released in 2007 is a beautiful and successful fusion experiment.  Taking vast inspiration from ancient Sanskrit spiritualism culture that has influenced numerous tracks such as “Avatar”, “Radhe”, and “Maha-Mantra” – written in Sanskrit.  Blending it into a trippy, upbeat, musical feast that features traditional Indian instruments such as the sitar and the mridangam inter-fused with electronica, hip-hop, break beat, and trance. A few of the tracks on the album are in Slovenian but they also have their translated tracks in English.

With a fan base just keeps growing, SSC are a conscientious hip-hop band taking the subject matters and passing on to their audience, in a broader perspective through bold and straightforward presentations.

The one thing I love about these guys is that they are all about the cause  they strongly believe in, no glitz, glam and no beating around the bush. It’s about the music and the positive message. They have far more in the pipeline, creating their own videos, artwork and spirited lyrics – there’s so much more to come!

Currently unsigned, SSC are looking for a record label take them on.

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A superb, direct and clear cut message – brillant!: