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dr das // shadow war / red corridor / chandraya remix

I bring you the latest from the lab of Dr. Das First up, we have Shadow War, from the album Step into Dubizm (Part 1)where sets his trademark cyclical basslines against a backdrop of heavily manipulated, often distorted percussion loops.

The second track is “Red Corridor”. From “Sunadamala Vol 1″ album set. Originally written 2004. This version remixed 2011. The ‘sunadamala‘ is a lo fi Indian electronic raga sequencer or ‘lehera’ machine used mostly as a practice tool by classical vocalists and tabla players. Dr Das has fed the sound through filters and distortions and built basslines, drum and percussion patterns around it. Thus creating an album set based on eight different ragas in different rhythmic cycles.

Red Corridor” is named after the political term for the swathe of forest in India from W Bengal to Central India where “Naxalite” guerilla forces have been engaged in an insurrection against the Indian state for several decades. Many indigenous people, known in India as “Adivasis” have joined this army, including 90,000 women, having been displaced from their ancestral lands and forcibly dispossessed by mining companies backed up by army and police forces.

Finally a treat! … Dr Das has remixed “Chandraya” featuring the Sufi vocals of Sukhawat Ali Khan from the self titled album by San Francisco’s Dhamaal Sound System. Written by Janaka Selekta and Sukhawat Ali. First remixed 2004, this version 2010.