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SHRI // masterclass

SHRI (of Badmarsh and Shri) is an artist who I’ve been a fan of for years. My first introduction to the duo was the highly acclaimed album ‘SIGNS’ which was groundbreaking and put on heavy rotation for weeks on my CD player (days before the iPod ;))

I was absolutely thrilled when I found out SHRI has set up a masterclass to teach budding musicians, producers and artists. Having a wealth of practical knowledge and hands on experience that spans 17 years, SHRI will offer one to one sessions for anyone who would like a quick grasp of the bigger picture or improve certain aspects of playing, imagining, creating or technology.

The subjects include:

MUSIC PRODUCTION AND TECHNOLOGY // Applying Music Technology. Practical approach to Understanding & Using Music Technology  to Record and work with Audio & Midi, using Logic software as a Recording & Composing tool, Music Production Techniques, Mixing on a computer.

BASS // Extending the Possibilities of Bass playing and Technique. Practical experience based approach to Grooves, Bass Lines, Attitude and Soloing.

TABLA // Basics or advanced aspects of Tablas and Rhythm. Equally useful to singers, guitarists, bass players etc, to get a strong sense of rhythm in playing/performing and also learning the Indian System of counting beats on Even or Odd Time rhythms. For advanced Tabla players, learning to find the spaces and groove with Tablas on beats like Drum&Bass, DubStep, Rock, Pop etc or to just simply play better and stronger.

For information on fees please visit: or email:  masterclass(at)

See him in action:

Introducing ShriLektric

Shri-Jugalbandi. Live@Hoxton Bar&Kitchen, London.

Together – Talvin Singh+Niladri Kumar join forces

Two truly innovative musicians come together to form a breathtaking combination. Their latest collaboration aptly titled “Together”, brings their formidable talents and skills to unravelling fresh soundscapes set in a classical music backdrop.

I cannot express my joy when I heard about this album – reasons are many, as I’m sure a lot of you will understand.

When I first saw them perform together in Manchester back in 2009, I was left in awe of the sounds that hit my ear drums. Read about the concert here:

Talvin Singh & Niladri Kumar, Manchester – 25.Sept.09


Definitely one to look out for this year!!

Released April 2011 on ‘WOMEX label of the year 2010’ World Village
on CD in the UK and Download Worldwide.

Sample the 10 tracks from the album below:


Sudakshini:Anoushka Shankar – Birmingham ’10

Monday 17 May 2010

Short review:

A beautiful journey southwards – Sudakshini is the title of Anoushka Shankar’s latest venture. An entirely acoustic project consisting of the majestic traditional ragas to newly composed ones including those created by her guru and father, Ravi Shankar.

The evening was a testament to exploring the affiliation between traditional northern and southern styles of Indian classical music. Accompanying Anoushka, were Ravichandra Kulur on Bansuri (Flute) and Kanjira, Pirashanna Thevarajah on the Mridangam, Kanjira and Ghatam, Nick Able on the Tanpura and the absolutely phenomenal maestro Tanmoy Bose on the tabla, making it an unforgettable experience.

Birmingham Town hall is not a big venue at all, with a maximum capacity of just over a thousand people; it was a good choice for the type gig. The stage was bathed in shades of purple and pink lighting, the atmosphere – tense, waiting to be graced by the presence of the supremely talented daughter of legendary sitar maestro Ravi Shankar.

I had seen Anoushka perform twice before but with Nitin Sawhney at the BBC Proms in 2007 and then again at the BBC Electric Proms in 2008. However this performance was very different, it was more elegant and beautiful. The show was split in two; the first half consisted of a classical performance of ragas kicked off with Madhukauns, played so elegantly it was like evoking beauty and romance subtly accompanied by Tanmoy Bose to complete the composition.

This below clip piece was also performed but the Violin was replaced with a Bansuri (Flute) Stunning!!!

Anoushka was tranquil, precise and graceful with her music. Like most Indian classical musicians I’ve seen perform, she too had that divine relationship with her Sitar – as she performed she swayed and catching her emotive and expressive facial expressions while she was playing. Like breathing life into each raga as she unfolds and expands it – simply enjoyable to watch.

The second half was more experimental, you’d thinking, hmm, electronic sounds or whipping out a Macbook Pro but nope, it was more about using other instruments in such to create such an incredible array of sounds to tickle the ears. The final set was so intense! Amalgamating the Sitar, Flute, Mridangam, Tanpura and Tabla and creating an interspersed yet coordinated dialogue between all the instruments given each musician an opportunity to display their amazing talents! WOW! … Truly an ear bending piece to finish off with …

Father and Daughter …

Talvin Singh & Niladri Kumar, Manchester – 25.Sept.09

A review of my first Talvin Singh gig I attended last year:

2001, I was accidentally introduced to Talvin Singh by listening to a cassette labelled “OK” initiating my passion for Asian Underground.

Two days ago my 8 year long wait to meet and see Talvin Singh live in concert finally came to an end. Manchester Academy is where we lay our scene, in a dark room with lilac lighting, illuminating the instruments that were to be commanded by two talented individuals.


I wouldn’t describe it as a concert but more an intimate transmission showcasing pioneering talent that reshaped the way we see and listen to music. Being fortunate enough to have arrived quite early (as opposed to IST), seating was on the front row, where both maestros where less than a meter away.

From the first strike of the Tablas, I was captivated by the taal which resonated through the speakers. You never fully appreciate music until you actually see it coming to life in front of your very eyes. Like artists with a blank canvas they orchestrated some of the finest audio paintings imaginable!

The night consisted of an array of styles, ranging from elements of dub, drum n bass, electronica and classical, all beautifully amalgamated into their performances that intensified one after another. The energy and drama with which the artists played was remarkable, the unison between them and their respective instruments was quite magical. Knowing what to strike, how, where and when, knowing their instruments like they know themselves.

Like a book, the music was being read through their smiles, acknowledging each others immeasurable talents communicating in a way only musicians can. Both sat on stage evoking feelings and emotions that are not familiar to words, indefinable, yet familiar to us all. The very sight was electric!

Talvin Singh – a visionary and pioneer. Niladri Kumar – someone who I think is a true personification of music. You witness someone who is one with the Sitar. Who is Niladri and who is the sitar? His whole body swayed with his instrument, creating reverb by simply moving the instrument itself, to his emotions and facial expressions whilst playing. There is no clear distinction; all you witness is a true state of musical harmony.

The finale was truly magnificent. Nildari introduced it as being played in the Bhairavi raaga but it was an improvisation piece which they were relying on each other to make something from it. While playing Niladri managed to some how sneak in Beethoven’s Fur Elise and Deep Purples – Smoke on the Water without adulterating the original piece and providing bit of comedy hehe.

Over the years I had built up certain expectations of Talvin Singh (and more recently of Niladri Kumar), that I was beginning to think was it wrong of me to do so, but you cant help it if you’re a fan. As the concert went on each expectation I had turned to dust and was blown away by their performance.