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khwaab video // niraj chag

Heres the latest video of Khwaab, the second track from Niraj Chag‘s 2006 debut album, ‘Along the dusty road’. The track is a melodic stunner, featuring one of my favourite vocalists Swati-ji Natekar and Japjit Kaur makes an appearance in the video

My good friend Shree Sreenivasan of reviews the track below:

“The piano and beats-driven “Khwaab” (The Dream), a track that Nihal called “one of the most sensuous, soulful and beautiful tracks” that he’d heard in his current capacity as BBC Radio 1 DJ and all-round Asian music tastemaker, benefits greatly from featured vocalist Swati Natekar. Already a recognizable, and deservedly so, voice in electronic music circles due to her work with everyone from Talvin and Nitin to Craig Armstrong, Natekar questions, in Hindi, whether her life is just a dream over the most sublime of melodies.”

read the entire review of Along the Dusty Road here

Together – Talvin Singh+Niladri Kumar join forces

Two truly innovative musicians come together to form a breathtaking combination. Their latest collaboration aptly titled “Together”, brings their formidable talents and skills to unravelling fresh soundscapes set in a classical music backdrop.

I cannot express my joy when I heard about this album – reasons are many, as I’m sure a lot of you will understand.

When I first saw them perform together in Manchester back in 2009, I was left in awe of the sounds that hit my ear drums. Read about the concert here:

Talvin Singh & Niladri Kumar, Manchester – 25.Sept.09


Definitely one to look out for this year!!

Released April 2011 on ‘WOMEX label of the year 2010’ World Village
on CD in the UK and Download Worldwide.

Sample the 10 tracks from the album below:


Tracks: KarshKale,TalvinSingh,AkshaiSarin,CeltIslam,Madlib,

Latest track to be added:

Tablatronics Live in Tipperary by Talvin Singh FREE DOWNLOAD!!


Just tracks for you to enjoy!

Kashmir by Talvin Singh

JOY – CINEMA/ ALBUM MIX by Karsh Kale Official

FuTuWwA featuring Inder Goldfinger by Celt Islam by Celt Islam

Hope by Talvin Singh

Moonbeam & Akshai feat. Avis Vox – Elephant Ride (Official Video)

Madlib – Indian Hump (Khoon Pasina)


EXCLUSIVE: Anuj Rastogi (OMNESIA) when Talvin Singh was in town

In the month of September ’10, a fantastic night took place in Toronto, Canada. Talvin Singh and  Anuj Rastogi (Omnesia) came together for an intense live performance where Anuj opened the night with the Omnesia ensemble. 

nada:brahma (intentionally missed out the ‘n’) have EXCLUSIVELY received the below edits/mixing of the full live sets. These are a true testament to Anuj and the vibrant work he does with music, really putting a unique spin on the original tracking making the experience that extra bit special.

Totalling around 32 minutes and in 8 parts, there is combination of some stationary HD footage, and some “guerilla” footage, featuring some of Anuj’s new material/works in progress.

Check it out – you’d be mad not to … enjoy!

Part 1 – Darth Veda
Part 2 – Sapno Se Bhare Naina (cover)
Part 3 – I Wanna Know
Part 4 – Crazy (cover)
Part 5 – Sandcastles
Part 6 – Jugalbandhi
Part 7 – Darbari
Part 8 – Deep Blue |

UPDATE: Nasha Records: Fundraiser4PakistanFloodRelief

Please do make your way to this event – Promises to be a cracking night!

As part of the flood relief efforts, Nasha Records have teamed up with The James Caan Foundation to host an exclusive night of eclectic musical flavours.

A legendary line-up of the original artists that hailed the term ‘ The Asian Underground’, come together for the first time in over 10 years. Mercury Music Award winner Talvin Singh headlines the event, alongside DJ Krust (Full Cycle), dubstep DnB producers The Nasha Collective, State of Bengal, Pandit G (Asian Dub Foundation) and many more.

The event is hosted by BBC’s Bobby Friction with Shahin Badar (Prodigy’s – Smack my Bitch up) performing live.

Taking it back to where it all began, its birthplace in London’s East End, the team will be bringing together soulful sounds, heavy breaks and the alluring Eastern Soundscapes that emerged from the legendary Blue Note in Hoxton and transcended worldwide.

Defining politics and boundaries and with one common objective – raising money for the Relief Efforts, the event will once again go down in musical history.

Event to include raffles and great prizes,

All proceeds go to all proceed’s and donations go towards THE PAKISTAN FLOOD RELIEF (The James Caan Foundation – BBC’s Dragons Den Investor)


Sunday 12th September 2010
6pm –till late
£7pm in Advance and £10 on the door
E: for tickets
Old Street EC1V 9AJ
London, United Kingdom
For more information please contact:,
NOMAD is a new music venue in London delivering an advanced series of DJ and live acts, internationally well-known artists and the most inspiring new talents… 2 floor Morrocan / Eastern Theme Venue.
Dress Code: Casual – NO Caps / NO Short Pants


People, In aid of the Pakistan Flood Relief, Nasha Records are holding a fundraiser gig. All proceeds and donations will be going to the Relief.

Nasha Records have called upon friends to make this one heck of a night – with a STELLAR line up!!


Time: 12 September at 18:00 – 13 September at 02:30
Location: NOMAD, Old Street EC1V 9AJ, London, United Kingdom

A fantastic way to help out and do you bit plus experience wiked sounds!!

janam – talvin singh

Janam is the latest creation by maestro Talvin Singh. Janam meaning birth, is a beautifully hypnotic and airy composition with its changing moods, tempos and piano play to hold your attention to it even after its finished.

Indian Electronica: Vol1 on Soundcloud

Hey people!

In 2009 Indian Electronica Vol 1 was released. A collection of some of the finest sounds put together by Qasim Virjee aka Abdul Smooth.

Making an appearance: Anuj Rastogi, Akshai Sarin, Talvin Singh, Tatva-Kundalini and many more.

Checkout the tracks below:

Talvin Singh & Niladri Kumar, Manchester – 25.Sept.09

A review of my first Talvin Singh gig I attended last year:

2001, I was accidentally introduced to Talvin Singh by listening to a cassette labelled “OK” initiating my passion for Asian Underground.

Two days ago my 8 year long wait to meet and see Talvin Singh live in concert finally came to an end. Manchester Academy is where we lay our scene, in a dark room with lilac lighting, illuminating the instruments that were to be commanded by two talented individuals.


I wouldn’t describe it as a concert but more an intimate transmission showcasing pioneering talent that reshaped the way we see and listen to music. Being fortunate enough to have arrived quite early (as opposed to IST), seating was on the front row, where both maestros where less than a meter away.

From the first strike of the Tablas, I was captivated by the taal which resonated through the speakers. You never fully appreciate music until you actually see it coming to life in front of your very eyes. Like artists with a blank canvas they orchestrated some of the finest audio paintings imaginable!

The night consisted of an array of styles, ranging from elements of dub, drum n bass, electronica and classical, all beautifully amalgamated into their performances that intensified one after another. The energy and drama with which the artists played was remarkable, the unison between them and their respective instruments was quite magical. Knowing what to strike, how, where and when, knowing their instruments like they know themselves.

Like a book, the music was being read through their smiles, acknowledging each others immeasurable talents communicating in a way only musicians can. Both sat on stage evoking feelings and emotions that are not familiar to words, indefinable, yet familiar to us all. The very sight was electric!

Talvin Singh – a visionary and pioneer. Niladri Kumar – someone who I think is a true personification of music. You witness someone who is one with the Sitar. Who is Niladri and who is the sitar? His whole body swayed with his instrument, creating reverb by simply moving the instrument itself, to his emotions and facial expressions whilst playing. There is no clear distinction; all you witness is a true state of musical harmony.

The finale was truly magnificent. Nildari introduced it as being played in the Bhairavi raaga but it was an improvisation piece which they were relying on each other to make something from it. While playing Niladri managed to some how sneak in Beethoven’s Fur Elise and Deep Purples – Smoke on the Water without adulterating the original piece and providing bit of comedy hehe.

Over the years I had built up certain expectations of Talvin Singh (and more recently of Niladri Kumar), that I was beginning to think was it wrong of me to do so, but you cant help it if you’re a fan. As the concert went on each expectation I had turned to dust and was blown away by their performance.