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Nabin Shanti x Baldi – I Don’t Wanna Die

Nabin Shanti aka The1Shanti is an all world emcee. Blessed with the title “India Bambaataa” by the Godfather himself Afrika Bambaataa. He’s spent six years rhyming over sees as he called both London and Mumbia home from 2001-2006. All six years he spent his time recording and touring throughout Europe and Asia. He’s been signed to multiple major and independent labels throughout his career and is regarded for his throwback flow, high pitch tone and versatilty.

Check out his wiked new track with Baldi | |

beautiful – the ep (FREE DOWNLOAD)

The1Shanti has teamed up with a number of affiliates: Someplace Called Brooklyn, Gnawledge Records, When Giants Meet and the American Beatbox Championships to bring you Beautiful (The EP).

A four track EP featuring vocalists such as Imogen Heap and Chesney Snow, bringing you sense of warmth and sunshine whatever the weather! … dont you just love the cover?


01. Beautiful (Summer Sunshine Remix)
02. It’s Alright feat. Imogen Heap + Gnotes
03. She Don’t Know feat. Chesney Snow
04. Beautiful (Shanti in Africa Remix)

why can’t love? …

Named after a track by a Tribe called Quest, the Mid-2008 saw the1shanti, member of the Dum Dum Project (DDP) team up with Shefali Kumar to form Bonita Applebum.

I’m actually not a big fan of the conventional Hip Hop, but this is something pretty damn cool. Its unique, you can hear their efforts to spread a positive message through music, leaving out all the unnecessary vulgarity incorporated in this genre today.

Bonita Applebum use an organic blend of Hip-Hop, electronic dance music and international influence which were all factored in creating their release: Why can’t love.

Check it out: