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“it’s our fight” … steve jablonsky or zack hemsey?

Very recently Transformers 3 “Dark of the Moon” was released worldwide. I have not seen it, but from the trailers it looks visually jaw-dropping.

Yesterday it was brought to my attention that a track featured in Transformers 3 (2011) called “Its our fight” by Steve Jablonsky sounds EXTREMELY similar to a “Mind Heist” by Zack Hemsey featured in a trailer for Inception (2010). 

Now it could be the case that this is mere coincidence or Steve Jablonsky was inspired by “Mind Heist” and other works from the past year. Either way to make sense of it all it is definitely worth reading Zack Hemsey‘s thoughts on the tracks on his blog:

I’ve posted the two track below for you to have a listen and to make up your own mind.

Inspired or Imitated?

Zack Hemsey – “Mind Heist”

Transformers 3 Score – 14. It’s Our Fight