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Xenith Anon: FILMI

From a producer with an ear for honed beats comes Xenith Anon. An EP fashioning solid vibes with attitude giving M.I.A a run for her money!

Released on Patriarch Recordings, this is FILMI’s debut release. Xenith Anon is a fabulous mix of electro/hip hop coming together with an Indian flair threaded through seamlessly. Totally loving “Technicolor” and “Hinduistics” is by far my favourite, a darker yet romantic fusion with winding tempos and a sexy undertow that builds and melts against an analog bass break.

Each song is like a mini movie sondtrack dealing with a social issue without being too preachy. “Technicolor” is about Mumbai’s red light district as Big B and FILMI ride thru kamatipura in their “Technicolor” Limousine glowing in the red light.

It didn’t take me long to get into this EP, it encapsulates vibes from far off places, deep harmonies, dirty urban rhythms and hot vocals enough to keep it on heavy rotation on your iPod.

FILMI‘s ability to capture the seductive and disturbing ambiance of India’s mystical street life resonates with a dreamlike quality, entwining a meaningful journey, and transcending the typical music escape.

About FILMI:

Growing up in Mumbai, India, FILMI would often be found in front of the TV singing along to Indian cinema classics, and emulating heroines such as Zeenat Aman, Parveen B and stunt-queen, Fearless Nadia.

Her global influences developed with an equal fascination for her father’s collection of Fela, Fania All Stars and the Beatles, as she began to show a flair for the dramatics and a love for music.

FILMI continues to create and fuse her ethnic influences with the gritty sounds of New York, as she relentlessly continues to push musical boundaries.

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