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Latrama: Love and Projects

For more than 10 years Latrama & Chandra Sound System collective have been spreading their particular way of music understanding in some many ways and places around the world, performing in many forms.

Now, Madrid based producer, multi-instrumentalist, DJ and member of Chandra Sound System; Latrama has released a new album. With a delicate balance of organic, traditional eastern instruments and global breaks all wrapped up in electronica.

The CD is split in two parts. “Love” consists of eight tracks infused with global breaks, Spanish, Indian, Middle Eastern influences. The combination of spicy grooves, crunchy beats and electronic rhythms really grabs your attention and doesn’t let go easily. Totally beautiful!

The second part “Projects” is a display of Latrama’s talent as a remix producer, offering his own perspectives on seven tracks including those by Bob Holroyd, Genetic Drugs and X-file and Aref Durvesh, definitely for the dance floor!

Last thing about this CD … uses the packaging to trigger augmented reality “DJing” of the playlist. Put the CD in front of your webcam, head to a browser-based tool, and you get turntable controls for playing the album live, complete with scratching, pitch, delay, filter, and volume controls.


Rational Exuberance – Aref Durvesh + Xfile

Accidentally stumbled across this next one. From the Tabla maestro Aref Durvesh and the Bassist/Producer XFile comes this next 6 track EP that combined with dubstep and classical Indian music – Dark and Hypnotic!!.


BOOSTED remix Aref Durvesh + Xfile feat T-Root

Here’s what the record label – Tigersonic says:

Durvesh’s tabla and bols provide the rhythmic framework throughout, anchoring the listener in an ethereal set of soundscapes. X-File’s highly textured synths, broken breaks, thick bass and effected samples form the rest.

Live performances from guitarist Sebastian Cure Bansuri player Lisa Mallett and vocalists Dune and T-Root add a dimension of musicianmanship that is sorely missing from asian electronica today.

Serene Smile : Aref Durvesh + Xfile

Snakecharmer : Aref Durvesh + Xfile

The Maestro and I after the London Undersound gig at Birmingham Townhall