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Day two of this decade and I feel I need to write about the latest craze on the dubstep scene.

They go by the name Engine-Earz Experiment. Where spirit meets programming, emotion meets logic and man meets machine led by the acclaimed multi-instrumentalist/scorer/dj/producer Prashant Mistry (man with plan).

At their base in Reading, Engine-Earz have created a vast multiverse of music engineered for our reality. Seamlessly marrying a subtle blend of sitar strings, tabla beats, eastern and western vocal and a heavy dose of dub. Not only is their finished product of top quality – they’re even better live (see links below).

December 14th 2009 saw the release of their debut limited edition record double bill on vinyl & download; ‘Kaliyuga’ on the A side and ‘Introspector’ (feat Nathan Flutebox Lee) on the flip. (available on junodownload and beatport).

These guys have truly put some hard grafting making a name for themselves. Remixing works of Basement Jaxx (heavy tune!) to  Sean Paul and especially with the BBC where their infamous Maida Vale sessions have really struck a chord (no pun intended) with fans.

2010 is going to be massive for Engine-Earz, a fan base that just keeps growing, gigs and more beautifully constructed tracks coming our way so stay tuned.

Check out their Myspace and Facebook pages too.

Keep your earz open for OHM and Shadow People!

Kaliyuga – (Fully Live) | Introspector | Lucky By Design

Engine-Earz 20min exclusive mix on BBC Electro East 18/06/09

Engine-EarZ Experiment – Kaliyuga ( fully live )

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  1. I watched The Engine Earz Maida Vale Session and was really vibed on them. Really intersting angle they have on things! As you know Sanjay Liquid Strangers’s Slip Trip remix of ‘Journey’ from our ‘3 Cities in Dub’ album was picked up by Bobbie Friction and featured at #12 in his Top 30 and also championed along with all of our other stuff by music supremo Pathaan.

    Dub Step and the variant genres are still alive and well and bands like Engine Earz are moving things forward into new territories!

    Exciting time ahead!

    09/01/2010 at 5:37 PM

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